Last House on the Left (2009)

The Last House on the Left (2009) 

Starring: Garret Dillahunt, Riki Lindhome, Aaron Paul, Sara Paxton, Monica Potter, Tony Goldwyn, Spencer Treat Clark

Directed by: Dennis IlIadis

Plot: After kidnapping and torturing two teenage girls a killer and his thugs find The Last House on the Left. A couple greets them with hospitality until the couple realizes the horror these thugs have cause and then the art revenge begins.
My Review and Thoughts:

There’s nothing like a good disturbing horror movie filled with unrelenting terror. Pure edge of your seat horror that tortures the viewer's mind. This is a sadistic film. The original still shocks me and is disturbing in its own way. In all honesty the original is outdated and so behold the remake of this disturbing horror classic and I have to say they captured the brutality of the original.

They do a fantastic job of pure terror. Dennis IlIadis directed a solid film, he did the original justice by creating a perfect example of a horrifying experience for the viewer. Now for diehard thick horror freaks and gore lovers this will be just another movie, but for a general audience that only watches psychological horror films in passing this will be a huge eye opener and mind boggling experience into the realm of true sadistic horror.

I for one was shocked at the nature they got away with. This film captures a different type of horror. It captures true reality based horror, a twisted insanity that plays with the viewer’s mind.

This is not for kids or teenagers, this should be viewed only by adults in my viewpoint. The movie starts right off with the violent bang. Two detectives are escorting Krug a criminal. Boom a truck crashes into the car. They are Krug’s girlfriend Sadie and his brother Frank. They free him.

Meanwhile John, Emma and their daughter Mari head for vacation at their lake house which is the last house on the left of a dead end road. Mari is a water lover, a swimmer who is always dreaming of perfecting her sport. When at the lake in the house Mari decides to go and meet up with her friend Paige in the small town.

Soon the girls meet Justin a young teenager they have never meet before which might I add is played by the wonderful actor Spencer Treat Clark who played the son of Bruce Willis in Unbreakable. He is a fantastic and believable actor with his beautiful stunning eyes and facial expressions.

Justine promises them some pot in exchange for a pack of cigs. The girls head back to Justin’s motel but what they do not realize is Justine is Krug’s son. Needless to say there is no cell phone signals. Soon the girls are smoking it up and getting high and laughing and teasing and flirting with Justine.

Garret Dillahunt gives a haunting psycho based performance as Krug. Aaron Paul who plays Frank is a sick twisted insane person and the acting by Paul is flawless. Riki Lindhome who plays Sadie is truly a sick sexually twisted lady. All three give amazing haunting and sickening performances.

All the performances seem real and come off as startling works of emotional horror. Sara Paxton who plays Mari gives a perfect innocent little girl victim performance. As the girls are kidnapped and toyed with they attempt to escape and the SUV crashes causing Krug, Frank and Sadie to be more pissed off than ever. Soon the true torture and torment begin in vivid terrifying ways.

The filmed moment of the rape is an eye closing and head turning reality. It was hard to watch. Mari makes it to the water and her lost dreadful stare of lost innocence in her eyes bring a stark memorable moment in cinema. Soon the thugs, monsters end up at the Last House on the Left with Emma and John.

The movie is a deep trip into the horror of how sick people can be. The reality of just how evil a person can be and also the aspect of the true nature of the criminal reality. Revenge is sweet and messing with daddies little girl is a true, no, no. A priceless showdown of pure carnage in the end that leaves the viewer satisfied. The only real upset to me or lack of good film making is some of the editing is off and there is some holes in the story that are never explained and also I would have liked a better final moment of death for the climax, it seemed a little too quick and corny in my mind.

With all the positive and negative said it’s still a great horror watch for those who like the psychological horror. Be warned it has brutal violence, rape, nudity and some very disturbing images. These actions have to take place in showcasing just how bad these people are.

There are two versions of this film the rated R version and also the unrated version. The difference between the two are four minutes are taken away from the R rated version. The version I am reviewing is for the unrated version.