Sanctuary: Quite a Conundrum (2012)

Sanctuary: Quite a Conundrum

Plot: It should have been just a normal day of sex, fun, alcohol, hormones and debauchery for Tabitha and Mimi, two over privileged twenty something’s who care about nothing but themselves and what chaos they can cause. But the so-called normalcy gets tossed out the window when an unexpected and devastating event occurs at a nighttime pool party. As the alcohol begins to wear off and the body count rises, all hell breaks loose and there is no going back. 

Starring: Sasha Ramos, Erin Nicole Cline, Emily Rogers, Anthony Rutowicz, Joe Coffey, Chris Greene, Catherine Trail, Juli Piechovski, John C. Lucas. 

My Review and Thoughts: 

This is an independent film, a true independent film. The word indie is over used and placed in front of movies this day and age where it has no reason being placed in front of. Million dollar films are not true indie films. Indie films are when you work your ass off for every cent. From bake sales to crappy weekend jobs or begging for cash from friends and family just to get the additional $7,500 dollar budget needed to capture your dream. 

Sanctuary: Quite a Conundrum- is a stunning, stark and darkly comedic movie with a look at the pure human nature of insanity, and the very makeup of the human conscience. This film shines with originality and a darker nature that most films can’t even begin to understand or even attempt to grasp at.

I felt floored and truly numb at times. The first part of the movie is laugh out loud comical. The characters are introduced and developed for the viewer. The storyline takes place. You are introduced to Mimi and Tabitha whom are careless individuals, and only think about themselves; not caring how they hurt people or messing with their emotional states.  

You have Thelma who is the crazy church lady, and Harris her son who only wants to see boobies. You have Sean and Dutch who are friends. Sean is dating Tabitha. Mimi and Tabitha decide to throw a party inviting Sean who in turn invites Dutch, and Kylene, Mimi’s younger sister invites her boyfriend Harris. This is a night of drinking and acting carefree until Mimi’s heartless actions come back to haunt her. 

The movie takes a spiral turn from comedy to psychological torment, and displays a dreadful sense of dark emotional horror that leaves the viewer's mind, numb, and the viewer breathless. All the acting involved is good. 

There are some that stand out as being award worthy performances. Catherine Trail who plays Jesus obsessed Thelma, is wonderful, and comical, dramatic and truly iconic on the screen. Sasha Ramos who plays Mimi is a gifted performer and owns the lens, even-though in spots I thought she was over acting a little. Anthony Rutowicz who plays Harris is perfect. His performance is golden, and is a true antic to the movie, that was needed and without him there would be a vacant spot. 

The three that I truly must speak about is Emily Rogers who plays the younger sister to Mimi. This is her first film and my god if there were tons of actress’s like her, then Hollywood would be safe for future generations of filmmakers and viewers, she is gifted, talented and amazing. Next would be Erin Nicole Cline who plays the best friend to Mimi. Her character of Tabitha is funny as hell and her acting emotions at times are as dramatic as a Shakespeare play.

Finally, I must give a huge shout out to Joe Coffey who plays Dutch. I cannot say enough about this role and this character. The way Joe Coffey acted in the last 20 minutes is a priceless, beautiful, wonderful and a shocking stain upon cinema. His performance is a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory. He owned the camera and the part of Dutch. 

What I really like about this movie is it gives a dose of comedy, then drama, then psychological mayhem. Then a dose of comedy again, and then spirals right around, all over displaying a tug-a-war with the viewer’s emotions. I really enjoyed the pace and flow of the direction and editing. The music soundtrack works perfect. It was a tight picture that weaves together a complete story. 

I am so excited about this film. This is something that I have never seen before, something so different that it’s hard to explain unless you have seen it, and trust me when I say, you must see this.  

There is a scene and acting performance between Joe Coffey and Erin Cline that left me stunned and shocked. I have to say again Joe Coffey is a master talent at acting in the emotional reality. The direction and camera work during the final 20 minutes is extraordinary.  

The whole movie is great, I don’t say that lightly because this is a piece of dark psychological comedy cinema, mixed with a psychological rape, that gave me new hope, in that there is still true originality in horror cinema. Horror cinema still has stories that need to be told and this was one of them.  

Thomas L. Phillips is willing to take the risk and create something new, something fresh and something that takes all the different emotions of the viewer and displays a great piece of cinema. 

Thomas L. Phillips as the writer got the right effect out of me. His characters are flawlessly strong to the point some of them I hated or could not stand. The writing along with the acting made a complete ordeal that stays with the viewers. For example, Mimi’s attitude, her character was so strong, she made me angry to the point, I really could not stand her at times; and so Thomas got the right idea with emotions to cause this viewer to be frustrated. 

This is a must see, must be talked about film. This is where Hollywood can kiss some Indie ass. This film is what I want to see. New, fresh, twisted and original. This day and age so many films are so mundane, but if there are actors and actresses and writers and directors like what this movie showcased I feel relieved. I feel relieved to know that cinema is not lost, that true cinema is out there and that this type of cinema needs to be shined upon for the true carnivore of film.  

I can truly say I was shocked at the emotions and the actions during certain scenes. I was shaking, and tear induced during the last 20 minutes of this movie. I was left very scared during the final emotional showdown with the acting displayed on screen. The actors and actresses owned their parts and entered a deeper recess that has never been filmed.

All involved acted and created a truly lasting piece of film. Thomas L. Phillips captured what cinema is all about.  

Quite a Conundrum- is an amazing, mind numbing, laugh out loud, shocking piece of cinema. It will forever leave a lasting mark on your mind, which this film caused mine to be fragile.


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