The Bunny Game 2010

The Bunny Game

Starring: Rodleen Getsic, Jeff F. Renfro, Norwood Fisher, Gregg Gilmore

Plot: A prostitute looking for her next meal hitches a ride with a trucker that leaves her praying for her next breath.

My Review and Thoughts:

Unbelievable. I can’t believe what I just watched. My mind is numb and I in all honesty can say I am 100 percent floored at the blunt nature of this film. I have seen a lot of disturbing and sick stuff when it comes to cinema but this powerhouse is shocking. It holds nothing back. This black and white filmed picture of depravity takes the viewer into a darkness that is so reality based that the one viewing it feels the process taking place on film as if it’s real.

The sexual nature and the aspect of torture come together in a stark slap in the face. Bunny is a prostitute. Day to day she seeks out men for money to support her drug habit and to keep herself fed. One trick after another seems to be more violent then the next. Soon she is picked up by a trucker named Hog and then all hell breaks loose as Bunny is stuck in true unrelenting madness and horror through torture of some the most heinous ordeals.

The trucker has a little playground of handcuffs and a camera and chains in the back of his truck and Bunny is his next plaything. I have to commend and mention the acting or at least the ordeal that Rodleen Gestic went through who plays Bunny. She is a golden performer. The torture and humiliation even though it’s a movie would have to be hard to go through. This is like a snuff film of torture, sexual torture.

This is not for everyone. Hell it’s not for most, but with that said if you truly want to see something disturbingly remarkable then you have to see this, this is a one of a kind dark picture. If you go into this wanting a thick dialogue and a character study of cinema then you won’t get it, for this is one sex act after another and one torture shot after another.

The camera work is flooring, the cinematography is mind altering in the art house indie department of film making. It’s like life unfolding before your eyes, a slow trip into insanity. A balls to the wall smack in the face that leaves the viewer bleeding from their eyes.

The flash back of Hogs many tortures with many women as you watch him get high and stab the hunting knife into the bed of the truck is a filmed moment that reminds me of what great memorable filmed moments in cinema history is about. I went through this movie with so many emotions that I cannot even begin to describe what I felt watching and what I felt in the end.

You think you know disturbing? You think you know torture horror? You think you know what not to do in cinema? Well you don't know any of it until you have seen this. This is a movie that I will never forget. It’s a movie that left a lasting mark on my mind and that is very hard thing to do. I don't disturb easy, I don't shock easy and this movie gave me the shock, the disturbing and most of all the memory of this insanity.

A powerhouse of a film. A film that Hollywood would never ever dare to begin to even touch or understand or have anything to do with. This is a film that flips off the Mainstream cinema world and says this is film that you can’t handle, its real, its dark, it’s insane, its porn torture done in a deprived artistic way that in reality is a masterpiece of exploitation and the choices that lead down a path of heading into a wrong turn that one should have never made and now that the choice has been made it has consequences.

The acting between Renfro and Getsic is something that is award worthy. The Hog and the Bunny don't play nice. The Hog is a true demented swine and the poor little Bunny has to taste the Legion. True iconic acting by Renfro. His madness bled off the screen and gave the viewer a haunting reality.

I speak highly of this film because I really enjoy films that cause great emotions. The images and editing and direction is what should draw you to this film, because its original and perfect in so many disturbing ways. You want the inside reality of the workings and life of a serial killer then watch this film.

I have seen true evil. I have seen true depravity. I have seen the very foundation of disturbing and it’s The Bunny Game.