Hate Crime (2012)

Hate Crime

Starring: Jody Barton, Nicholas Clark, Greg Depetro, Debbie Diesel, Tim, Moran, Ian Roberts, Sloane Morgan Siegel, Maggie Wagner

Plot: A peaceful family is about to have the worst night as three invaders come to play a game that only they can win at.

My Review and Thoughts:

Something I am a huge fan of is home invasion films. Home invasion films get to me because of the reality based feel. It can happen, its real. Your home is supposed to be your safety net, your comfort. Your protective fort. What happens when the idea of the boogieman isn't in the closet, the boogieman is real and he happens to be outside wanting in? This is a great example of true life horror.

A birthday day party and then a turn for the worse as a family is held hostage by masked invaders. The torment and physical actions manifest in perfect chilling ways for the viewer watching. This is a hand held camera psychological horror, or simply point real time actions. There are countless of these movies this day and age so when a new one comes out, there needs to be something that pushes it to the front of the countless others. I feel Hate Crime does that in that the viewer really feels the tension, torment, terror and most of all pain.

The direction works even though it is a hand held camera, the acting is so believable that the viewer feels like calling the police on what they are seeing because it feels so natural, so in your face, blunt and morbid. Something I don't say in reviews is dirty words but this film causes me to say, holy f******, s*** (notice I blanked it out, so that I did not say it, but thought it). What I just watched has shocked the crap out of me. What a twisted violent and disturbing film. This is truly brutal in all thinkable ways to express.

I am floored and numb at the sadistic insanity showcased. I just watched what felt like true brutal torture and murder unfold before my eyes. I wanted to turn away because in real life it's like you feel nauseated at what you are seeing. I have not seen this type of disturbing since the video camera shot in Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer.

Three Nazi's invade the home of the peaceful Jewish family during the youngest son’s birthday party. All hell breaks loose in vivid horrible frightening sadistic ways that unless you see it I cannot express the brutality on screen.

Floored by the acting for it felt real and the terror showcased on the victim's faces is award worthy. The horror of the Nazi's actions, emotions through laughter and pain are expressed in flawless perfect terror. These monsters are real. The viewer becomes sickened and frightened at what is expressed.

This is an unrelenting piece of sadistic art that alters the viewer’s mind. Shocked is but a word. To see it is to believe it.

This wraps all the classic ideas of Last House, The Hills Have Eyes, Henry Portrait and so many others and then adds the huge hunk of originality.

There has been countless films in real time setting, countless home invasion flicks, some stand out and some fall flat, but this one I have to say works in every detail. Its 73 minutes of terror, torture of twisted actions all filmed for the nauseating viewer.

Nicholas Clark is wonderful as Tyler, you can see his pain, his terror, you wanted to comfort him or help him and there was nothing you could do. The whole family is terrorized and so is the viewer. The actions transcend the lens embedding each moment of terror into your mind where you can't help but be horrified. Debbie Diesel was wonderful as Lindsey, she played the victim perfect, believable and horrifying for the viewer. Both Clark and Diesel shined in their roles. Clark I felt went through a humiliating ordeal as his character Tyler which stands out above and beyond the others.

I want to give a huge shout out to Jody Barton, Tim Moran and Ian Roberts for giving me new nightmares as real life monsters. They perform in truly masterful ways that leave true horror on all their actions. Ian Roberts plays the psycho nut wrestling looking Nazi that seems to be, way far out there. He plays the part to a golden ticket win that leaves a lasting mark on your mind.

James Cullen Bressack has directed a modern twisted piece of horror. A psychological mind rape of depravity and naturalistic truth. His talent is star worthy. This movie is what fear and nightmares are about.

Screams, tears, pain, blood and laughter from monsters all bring this fresh, new reality to the hand held home invasion atmosphere. This is so much more than a Last House on the Left, this is so much more than a shaky camera effect. This is what true terror is; if it was filmed.

There are different types of shock in the horror world, there is the gore inducing puke fest horror like, the Guinea Pig series. There is the torture porn in your face, kick to the "hurt spots" Toe Tag pictures reality such as August Underground which is one of the greats and then there is what I call true realistic horror. True realistic horror to me is all the more horror inducing and most memorable. It's not about raping a chopped off head or cutting a fetus out of a woman it's about showcasing the simple yet horrible idea that a peaceful innocent moment can turn into something so painful and vile in the split of a second. That’s true horror.

Hate Crime is a new favorite of mine. I highly recommend this flick. It’s not for everyone and I truly mean that because this is flooring, twisted, torture horror.

I want to talk about this movie and express it but I can't because it would spoil it and give it away and I don't do that. I look forward to the future of this film. I look forward to the future of the talent that was showcased in this movie and most of all I look forward to James Cullen Bressack's future.


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