found. (2012)


Starring: Gavin Brown, Ethan Philbeck, Phyllis Munro, Louie Lawless, Alex Kogin.

Plot: Marty is the ideal fifth grader. He gets good grades, listens to his teachers, and doesn't start trouble in class. But a darkness is beginning to fall over Marty's life. The kids at school won't start picking on him, his parents just don't seem to understand him, and now Marty must grapple with a terrible secret that threatens to destroy life as he knows it ---his big brother is a serial killer! Brotherly love is put to the ultimate test in this emotional coming of age story that descends into a full-blown horror.

My Review and Thoughts:

I am reviewing the Uncut version.

Truly a startling and disturbing film. A very dark natured film that showcases a perfect flowing tale of horror and story. This is a film that works for the viewer, in a down to earth nature. It's a film that plays with the viewer’s mind. A film that showcases how to make a movie and express original talent, story and direction.

Gavin Brown who plays as Marty, has a wonderful, natural talent and gives a wonderful narration throughout the film. The narration gives the viewer a sense of a novel coming to live action on film. The written voice over, captures high quality, imagination and thought provoking story, which tends to leave the viewer awestruck.

The movie showcases secrets. A family full of secrets and Marty who knows them all. His big brother tends to have, a new decapitated head in his closet, every couple days and Marty explores, and wants to understand his brother’s secret.

Found is what Hollywood needs, a true original idea that is perfect in great details and social issues. It has an underlining, hypocritical reality, that people are not what they seem. Scott Schirmer directed, a low budget indie horror, that gives so much to the viewer and the overall reality of film making in general. Schirmer gives the viewer the youth, the horror, the adventure, coming of age, all tied into one. The direction flows with a smooth ordeal that comes off as unfolding right before your eyes; that is how good the direction is.

Gavin Brown I cannot speak enough about. This young talent is amazing. He is able to capture the youth and the imagination, exploration, in trying to cope with his surroundings. The horror is believable, the idea of violence and murder sleeping in the next room and the fear that maybe your next comes into play..

The opening narration by Marty is nightmarish:

"My brother keeps a human head in his closet, every few days it’s a new head."

The story is dark and mysterious and filled with secrets that Marty wishes to understand. He becomes obsessed in trying to understand his big brother, who he loves dearly.

The movie brings back in spots a classic nostalgic reality of old gore, type of 70's and 80's horror films. Marty is exploring old VHS horror films in his brothers room. There is some great gore, and truly a shocking twisted moment of filmed depravity, as Marty is watching a movie titled Headless.

In spots, found. is like a movie in a movie. The music soundtrack and cinematography is amazing, stunning and memorable. This is not just a horror film, it has some deep underlining beliefs and statements about violence, breeding violence.

The stark nature and true insanity of this film is brilliant. This is a psychological, disturbing piece of indie horror, that I highly recommend. I am an instant fan of this movie. The ending ordeal with Marty and his brother, Ma and Pa, is truly, a shocking and twisted piece of cinema that I will remember. I will remember this movie, not for the idea of images, but for the reality of the viewer having to use their imagination, to grasp what is happening in the next room, as Marty listens.

Ethan Philbeck who plays the big brother, touches on acting genius. He displays the insanity and angry person, flawless. He worked the part of Steve to a golden ticket. I have to say the star and the force of the film is Gavin Brown and Ethan Philbeck, who both owned their parts, and gave it their all.

This is haunting film of brilliance that I am so happy to have seen. I really felt Scott Schirmer created a wonderful, memorable indie horror film, that is worthy to talk about and watch, and spread the word.

I speak highly of this film due to the fact, it's a true indie horror. It’s has an indie budget, but has the quality and amazing appeal, of any, big wig, deep pocket Hollywood flick.

Flawlessly written by Todd Rigney, who gave an original birth to a haunting story, and a believable, disturbing piece of horror/life. I feel all those involved should be very proud of what they accomplished with this picture. The whole cast, crew, director, writer, gave a truly remarkable piece, of believable horror.

This is an original, one of a kind, coming of age, horror flick, that sticks deep into the consciousness of the viewer, long after the film is over. Grade A+ story, direction, acting, editing and leaving a visual piece of insanity upon the mind of the watcher.