Megan is Missing (2011)

Megan is Missing

Starring: Amber Perkins, Rachel Quinn,

Plot: Megan Stewart, 14, and her best friend Amy Herman, 13, though opposites in personality, are best friends. These 2 teen-age girls encounter an Internet predator. This is a horrifying coming of age trip into true nightmares. 

My Review and Thoughts:

No matter how many times I watch Megan is Missing, the last 22 minutes of that film is truly disturbing, shocking and heart wrenching. Megan is Missing is a film hard to watch but so reality based. I call the ending 22 minutes of pure hell on the mind and the heart. Megan is Missing is a statement for all of us this day and age of electronic mayhem.

We can sit here and go on and on about how my kid knows better or I know the rules about not giving info out and so on but that is just not enough anymore. The don't talk to strangers rule is out of the question and broken every second of the day with social networking. The don't accept candy from strangers is out of the question as one signs on into chat rooms and game spots and text messaging as strangers use the electronic world as there new candy with look at this picture or look at that video, which makes it all the more easy to draw the one in, for the later kill.

As you watch the news as more and more kids and teenagers and adults go missing they all have one thing in common lately and that's social networking, meeting people online, total strangers no longer need to stalk in the darkness of the night or hide behind a windowless van asking have you seen my puppy.

All they have to do is send a Friend Conformation, a ping on the phone or welcome in a chat room. That brings me to this reality based film that leaves a true horrifying numbness on the viewer. Two girls, best friends one a little wild, the other an image of innocent. Megan has her demons that have controlled her life and basically created a hollow less soul joining in, to just feel as if she belongs and to cope and wash away the darkness of her past.

Amy is the peaceful one, the daddies girl, the innocent one with teddy bears and I don't do drugs and I am a virgin mentality. Both are total opposites yet two peas in a pod, there behaviors are yin and yang yet their friendship is powerful and strong. They are the split in the mirror, Megan wishes for the innocent life and Amy wishes for the life of coolness and friends and parties.

Megan goes missing and Amy must struggle and try to understand and help her friend. Megan met a cool new dude online, Skaterdude attracted Megan with his charming voice, his good looking picture and yet she had never seen him in person. Soon Megan's darker choice comes to haunt Amy.

This is a film that plays with the mind and captures the wild nature of modern kids. The wild uncontrolled youth of today where sex and drugs and parties seem to be as normal as butter to toast. The main ordeal for the viewer is the point where the hell are the parents. This day and age kids have no control setting. They come and go when they wish, they do what they want and the parents sadly more or less allow them or simply don't care, because oh my sweety or honey or boo boo bear would never do that, so I let him or her come and go, talk to who ever and do whatever.

That seems to be the basis of modern teenage reality. Sadly the parents are allowing the darkness into there homes. With that said the parents can only control the home yet the majority of them don't. Today kids have the Internet everywhere, school, libraries, friends homes, on there phone and just about everywhere and so that darkness of a hidden predator, who has only one thing on their mind to rape and kill your child or you, can now have access whenever and where ever they wish by the push of a button or a simple invite icon.

Megan is missing is a fantastic dark and disturbing picture that leaves a lasting mark on the human mind. If this movie does not affect you at least the last 22 minutes then something might be wrong with you. The acting is flawless. Rachel Quinn plays the lost Megan to a perfect Grade A+. Amber Perkins plays the innocent sweet and humble friend Amy. I really liked both girls in their parts because each one is able to showcase their attitudes, feelings and actions to a reality based setting.

The last 22 minutes is acted and filmed to a masterpiece setting of emotions and truly terrifying darkness. This is 22 minutes that left me numb, disgusted and truly uncomfortable which me it worked. I highly recommend this movie yet I also warn that is watching.