Familiar (2012)


Starring: Robert Nolan, Astrida Auza, Cathryn Hostick

Plot: Through a series of tragic events, a middle aged man grows to suspect the negative impulses plaguing his mind may not be his own.

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a brilliant originally crafted short film. The voice over narration is amazing, haunting and truly thought provoking. I felt this short captured that inner demon inside us all that wishes for more or at least one time in everyone’s life they have those "what if moments".

The moments they wish to change the last ten years of their lives, which to the person seems to mean nothing. John Dodd feels trapped. His thoughts have become a living being. His inner demons seem to want to come out and play and make their selves known.

At first it seems the thoughts are just average ramblings inside ones head but then it comes to pass that the thoughts might just be their own living entity. I was floored and amazed at the direction and powerful written words that flowed with each image. This was a short film but had the power and amazement of a full feature.

I became hooked and stunned at the true reality of just how gifted the actors are and the stunning film work and makeup seemed flawless. This was a rich telling of what seemed like an average case of a middle life crises that ended up being the true nature of horror as it makes itself known.

I enjoyed this short feature more then I can express in this review. The makeup was downright gory and perfect and had that awesome sense of the old days of cinema when masters of makeup took charge and crafted a believable amazing eye candy approach of death.

The camera work, writing, all come full force in capturing a stunning little masterpiece of horror all created in a short 24 minutes. The master of this film has to be the acting and expressions and the movements of Robert Nolan who plays the main star John Dodd. He gives a flawless performance in 24 minutes.

I can't express enough about this short film and I hope everyone gets to see it because its so well done that few movies even get to express in two hours what this short did in 24 minutes. Richard Powell wrote and directed a sweet little gory thought provoking gem that I feel is a masterpiece of short film making if not film making period. I hope their is a huge future for his talent to express the wonder and thought provoking imagination that he details.

A must see, must promote, a true little powerhouse.


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