Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State (2005)

Plot: This six-part series tells the story of the Auschwitz Death Camp, site of the largest mass murder in the history of the world. Writer Laurence Rees and his team interviewed over 100 eyewitnesses, including former Nazi perpetrators who speak on the record for the first time. Their story is brought to life through the innovative use of archived footage, dramatic recreations of key moments, computer reconstructions based on recently discovered plans of the camp, and their extraordinary testimony. This will be the definitive television history of Auschwitz and the Nazi State.

My Review and Thoughts:

Auschwitz Inside the Nazi State is a 2005 documentary written and produced by Laurence Rees and narrated by Linda Hunt. This documentary expresses the birth and the creation of the horrible disturbing chilling inhumane creation of Auschwitz the extermination and the mass murder genocide Camp.

Auschwitz started out as a Nazi labor camp to frighten the Polish population but what it became was a thing of nightmares. A thing of true horror. If Hell exist it was the gateway. The pit and the burning flame of hell itself.

This is a six part series that ran on the BBC now it is complete in the two disc set of over 300 minutes of color and black-and-white footage. It examines the birth of this incomprehensible place. This is not just a regular documentary or a six part show that you see on the television this is an in-depth examination of this camp. It shows you from the beginning to the end and everything in between all the horrors and leading up to what was to come.

This showcases the shocking disturbing black-and-white film footage of people being rounded up and sent to the camps. People being lead and shot in pits of murder. It shows everything that needs to be seen by all generations so that this does not ever happen again. It's part of history that should always be on the minds of every living human being. This is an amazing and filled with historical brilliance and controversy as you witness interviews with actual camp survivors but most of all you witness interviews with the perpetrators, the guards, those that rounded up innocent people to be slaughtered.

What's amazing is the testimony itself, the raw emotion and sometimes disturbing reality and watching the perpetrators talk about how it was just normal. The disturbing reality that some of them don't even have remorse or any emotional reaction to what they did. The documentary is built from archive footage, dramatic recreations, key decision making moments and through the testimony of survivors and those that were there.

This is a reality-based documentary one of the best I've seen on the birth of Auschwitz camps. It showcases the suffering of victims. It offers unique inside knowledge of this part of history. The documentary showcases some of the most important figures in the creation of the final solution. The creation of Auschwitz the commandant Rudolph Hoss the monster himself Dr. Josef Mengele the beast and SS Cmdr. Heinrich Himmler the darkest of them all.

Lawrence Rees has written produced and directed one of the greatest documentaries on the subject of Auschwitz. This captured a flawless piece of history that should be seen through every generation it should be showcased at school's, in discussion groups and history lessons. Another key figure behind this documentary is the one-of-a-kind who I consider the master of history is Prof. Sir Ian Kershaw. He was the consultant on the script for the series. He is the key and award-winning biographer of Hitler if you need to know anything about Hitler and the Nazi party it would be professor Kershaw that you need to talk to.

Before this Laurence Rees and Kershaw worked on one of the most extraordinary documentaries on the history of the Nazi party it was titled the Nazis A Warning from History if you ever want to see a truly landmark documentary you need to see the Nazis a warning from History. The next key figure that needs to be mentioned in this documentary about Auschwitz is the narrator Linda Hunt. Hunt is an amazing beautiful one-of-a-kind actress that shines with her brilliant voice over. She gives such relevant dialogue, such brilliant speech patterns as you witness this documentary on the screen. You can't help but listen to her smooth soft emotional and historical sounding voice which is mesmerizing as you witness the actions on screen

This is a must see, must own documentary. This is a film that will remain in my conscience as a thought provoking and powerful teaching tool on the horrors of human kind. War is horrible but when people and whole nations decide to join in and to murder just because someone says so, it makes it all the more horrifying and unbelievable.

Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, handicap and anyone that the Nazi party deemed not worthy or pure in their eyes were slaughtered inside Auschwitz.

Crying babies were smashed against walls to shut them up and the children where led down that long path. Crying helplessly into the darkened pits of so called showers. They cried for mom, they searched for dad they wondered about sis or brother. There tummies hungry and their mouths dry. Their eyes wide with fear. They wondered what maybe time to play or a good meal was next, Maybe dad and mom was on the other side of the showers. They entered the doors and undressed and followed the commands of those in charge in hope that what they were doing was right and yet all they got was coughing. There small lungs closed. Gasping. Watered eyes and the forever reach to exit. They fall silent into the chamber of slaughter. There resting place. A spot in history known as Auschwitz.