Benny Loves Killing (2012)

Benny Loves Killing

Plot: Benny Loves Killing follows the struggles of a young woman making a horror movie. As her journey continues she becomes increasingly aware of the horror in her own life.

Starring: Pauline Cousty, Canelle Hoppe, Kristina Dargelyte

My Review and Thoughts:

This is an unsuspecting little indie drama film that grabs you and makes you follow along. You witness the present life of Benny. She is a student and she is making a horror film inside a horror film, on the retrospect of the genera. She lives on a friends couch and seems to spend her time lost in her own thoughts. Drugs, and dream states and dark thoughts cloud her days.

The filming has a style that just seems to own the lens and creates a reality of struggle that few movies seem to be able to get right and this film is able to do it perfect. It’s a reality based filming. You sense tension mixed with the wonderful acting performances. This film come’s together in a truly original style.

All I feel like saying over and over again is wow what a little shocker, a true fascinating drama filled movie that runs through its camera lens into the viewer’s mind. I was taken back and really shocked and floored how good this little movie was. A complete film that sticks out and will be remembered by this fan of cinema.

I love when directors find me and let me have the honor in watching their films. Something I hate to do is when a director trusts me with their film and I watch it, and sadly it's worthless and being a good movie reviewer, you have to be honest. I am so happy that I get to share a wonderful positive review for this film. This film deserves to be seen and I have to say this one is one of those I feel can be something more than just a onetime viewing. This is a twisted tale of reality. Very deep at times in facing one‘s demons and realizing the downward spiral of one‘s life.

As I have stated a sense of reality controls this film. It’s a film like everyday life. No square makeup plastic models, these are real people, real everyday life and not the plastic Hollywood actors with white snow teeth and perfect hair. You the viewer become a part of the story and apart of each of the performances because you can relate to them and to the struggle they are going through.

The drama is thick and the atmosphere is gloomy and haunting in a sense. Benny lives a sad pathetic life of her own choosing as she pushes herself from day to day from a different couch to another one.

She is nagged by her mother to do something with her life. Mom and daughter don’t really get along both are chasing their own personal demons.

This is Look/Think Films first full length production film and they have a true winner on their hands. This is a cinema heart string to cinema. It’s a film that follows the reality of the love of making cinema. The struggles and the spiraling heartaches and tension it takes to come to terms with one’s own inner movie. Benny’s own filmed nightmares and monsters, her own inner horror movie, which is Benny’s reality as she slowly falls deeper and deeper apart. Stealing, drugs and nowhere to go.

There are visually stunning moments in the movie, the dark red shirt or coat filmed next to a gloomy atmosphere. The slow change as Benny dresses up in wigs. Something I picked upon is Benny’s surrounding and her daily life is like trapped in a box, it’s feels like walls are caving in. You the viewer get a sense of claustrophobia.

There is a moment I truly fell in love with and that’s the moment where Benny blindfolds herself with a red scarf, it’s just a pure artistic vision caught on film. It was like a piece of art come to life.

Pauline Cousty who plays Benny deserves an award for this performance. She held the story, the emotions and showcased a fear, sadness and spiraling ordeal of losing oneself over the edge as life seemed to press itself deeper and deeper into her. Cousty is able to capture a struggling artist on the verge of losing sanity. Her demons and nightmares thick with an imprisoned horror that only she knows and understands.

The relationship with Benny and her mother is dramatically acted with award worthy performances that feel real, the tension and deeper sadness and loneliness slowly come to the surface as Benny’s truth unravels and her past demons make themselves known.

The question is can Benny find herself and pull herself back out of the darkness or is she lost down the rabbit hole for good.

Directed and written by Ben Woodiwiss who I have to say knows and understands how to capture a movie and to create something darker and deeper in filming. Ben is not only just a director or writer of this movie he is a creator of originality and a thought provoking emotional drama that is thick upon the thinking process as the viewer watches it unfold. Ben Woodiwiss is a true talent and he showcases a masterful skill with this movie.

This is a must see, must own and you must spread the word about this film. I highly recommend it as a touching, haunting drama that leaves a lingering and lasting mark upon the viewer.

A truly stunning piece of work.

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