In Her Skin (2009)

Plot: When pretty Rachel goes missing everyone soon suspects Caroline the overweight, acne daughter of a  domineering father.

Starring: Ruth Bradley, Guy Pearce, Miranda Otto,

My Review and Thoughts:

A haunting little film of mystery, obsession and the power of lust and envy through the idea of the human body on just what is perfect and beautiful. This is a disturbing film that leaves a lasting impression on the viewer. The musical score adds to its disturbing nature mixed with wonderful acting and tight suspense.

Just what is the truth? Is the truth more horrifying to know then to not know? Rachel is 15, beautiful, popular and in 1999 she doesn't get off the bus. Rachel is never late, she always tells her parents if she is going to be late.

Soon the panic sets in. Her frantic parents call the police, search the areas trying to locate their daughter. Rachel's boyfriend makes a comment that she said she had a job to do where she was going to make a lot of money, but has no idea what she meant. 

The police don't take the parents serious. Her parents fight to try to find their daughter but the police just turn their backs like nothing has happened. 

Days pass, tears flow, emotions flair. This is a dramatic film with emotional feelings that express off screen to the viewer. You watch both the parents go through their struggles, heartaches, tears and suffering pain.

The most interesting part about the film is it kind of adds almost a supernatural or paranormal type of aspect to the film, where the parents sense their daughter.  It's more than a parents connection its her voice whispering as if Rachel is guiding them to certain areas, showing them certain visions.

The film introduces you to all the main characters in segments. The first of the segment of the movie you are introduced to the parents of Rachel. You then are introduced to Caroline a disturbed young girl whose family life is split.

Truly an emotionally sad film. This is very disturbing in a reality setting where you watch poor Caroline seem to be slowly falling apart. Clearly she needs help. Its like no one bothers until the aftermath.

Truly the star of the show Is Ruth Bradley who plays Caroline. She is such a wonderful actress. She is mind-numbing, her performance or destruction. Her emotional breakdown of depression is horrifying.

A wonderful, dramatic, sad, disturbing, violent film. It has so much emotions running through out the feature that the viewer can't help but feel the many changes in the atmosphere. From the loving family to the boyfriend, to the psycho to the uncaring reality of the whole situation.

I speak highly of Ruth Bradley and her amazing, stunning, taking my breath away performance. The shot when daddy played by Sam Neill comes to Caroline's apartment and she goes stark raving mad stripping is a pure moment that will for ever last in my mind and her whole performance deserves awards beyond words.
Knowing this is a true story and how it unfolded to express the true nature of horror and the ability of know that right next door could be a person in the shadows wishing, fantasising, planning a most unbelievable action.

The film leaves many emotions with me and the ultimate murder shot is twisted and disturbing and horrifying and truly eye opening and something I won't forget. The filmed moment of murder is chilling and numbing but most of all it's reality based. Knowing it happened. Knowing a psycho destroyed beauty and a community and family gives all the more reality to the film.

I only have one negative to say and that is also the most disturbing part of the film which is the murder. I feel it's over done, not in the sense that I am speaking of graphic wise. But in the sense that there was not enough emotions from the victim. The killer shows it all, the redness, the strain and the twisted lust. In reality if that type of death happened there would be more strain, redness, bulging and struggle from the victim and so I feel it was the mistake of the makeup department along with the directing that took away some of the reality of the murder moment. Especially the close up face and eye shot of the victim where it looked like there was no strain or struggle. It's still a moment that shocks and disturbs but has it's flaws.

This is a film that I highly recommend and will speak about to anyone that ask for a powerful film.