Cannibal Possession: Heart of Ice (2013)

Plot: A historian specializing in the cannibal legend of Wendigo is horrified when details of a GreyHound Bus killing resembles details of an article he wrote. 

Starring: Robert Brightman, Nathan Carlson, Mike Dash, Geoff Desmoulin, Liam Ennis

My Review and Thoughts:

Wendigo (WINDIGO): A humanoid, cannibalistic monster in Northern Algonquin Native Folklore.

A state or condition in which someone is insane and possesses a propensity to commit cannibalism.

A greedy, insane or morally deficient individual.

Vince Li in 2008 in Canada boarded a Greyhound Bus and attacked sleeping 22 year old Tim McLean, eating him and decapitating him. When arrested he had parts of the man's body in a bag. Li worked as a newspaper delivery man. The newspaper he delivers ran an article on the legend of the cannibalistic Wendigo. It is believed by some that Vince read this article in the newspaper about the legend of the Wendigo. Some believe that it was this article that sparked the act which took place.

This is a documentary about a shocking creepy and disturbing reality, cannibalism. This isn't just about cannibalism, this is about people being possessed by a legend called the Wendigo. This is about a legend, an imagination that runs rampant in the Native American Canadian culture. This is a native American folk tale and more reality-based story throughout Canadian Native history.

There has been many cases of people who said that they become possessed by this Wendigo and seek out human flesh to eat. The last recorded case until the 2008 one was in 1960. There also was Wendigo like which trials to coincide with people hunting down so called possessed individuals. This is a fascinating little twisted tale into the legend and folklore Native American reality-based culture of legends. 

You have many interviews with people on the subject, it traces the history, it traces the reality of how this feature has been in history throughout time. In all reality this is a very spooky subject this is a very spooky documentary. It gives you the creeps. It actually makes you get goosebumps thinking about this. 

There are many cannibals throughout history I can name quite a few and even in America there are cannibals serial killers, human flesh eaters but what's interesting about the subject matter of these individuals is that they say that something supernatural, something that legend has created inside. This thing has taken over them and made them want to eat our flesh 

What I really like about this documentary is all the stories throughout history of so-called cannibals or people who simply supposedly become possessed by this creature and killed and ate and destroyed. This plays out like a true crime documentary yet also mixes in the very creepy supernatural spookiness to it. It almost is like a horror documentary, it's a documentary that gets under your skin and plays with your mind a little bit thinking that maybe there is some sort of reality too it's very touchy and very frank and very descriptive and very informative truths.

There's one case they talk about called the Swift Runner case where, a Native man ate his family, his entire family and he wasn't starving. He consumed his wife and children.

The primary symptoms that are said to showcase are hallucinations, body swelling, freezing of the chest and ultimately cannibal desires. 

This is a weird and odd piece of history or historical legend and its mixes itself into the reality of criminal actions. 

I found this very educational and very eye opening viewing of actions and stories of truths and history that expresses a dark reality. 

I have to say this is truly an original document. A very historical and educational documentary, also very creepy, disturbing and actually changes my view a little in that maybe this is possible, or maybe people are just nuts, or maybe they're being possessed by something greater than we could ever comprehend. 

This is a documentary that leads the viewer down the dark path. The dark path of folklore and criminal history interwoven together to tell a complete story. 

Cannibalism always has been a touchy subject, always has been a part of the historical makeup of man and his human animal carnivore flesh eating side. Like I say what if there is a deeper darker story behind the actions of certain individuals. 

The old Ojibwe Indians gave it a name, they called it the Wendigo and behold this documentary, Cannibal Possession: Heart of Ice. 

I recommend this documentary. This documentary is fresh and original. I do feel that most people overlook documentaries, most people shun them or don't watch them. Sometimes documentaries get a bad name inn the film world but I believe truly that Cannibal Possession: Heart of Ice is a worthy watch. A disturbing watch. A watch that must be seen to be comprehended and truly faced with as truth or fiction or maybe it's both.