In the Dark Half (2011)

Plot: Bad things are happening in a rundown working-class town where a young woman is convinced that something nasty is out to get her.

Starring: Jessica Barden, Tim Lewis

My Review and Thoughts:

This is filmed in a dark nature, a mysterious nature. You the viewer watch this mysterious darkness, this overall feeling slowly unfolds with what seems to be a supernatural element. 

This movie is almost like a dreamlike state of a mysterious happening. A young boy dies. The babysitter Marie who is the next-door neighbor is in the house when the boy mysteriously dies with no explanation. Soon her nightmares are filled with images of a shadow person, animals and flashes.

The cinematography is amazing. A dark overtone in nature. Rainy, cold gloomy atmosphere, adding to the oddness of the film. The movie is filmed in a reality based setting. You the viewer can relate to the people, they are average folk not fake Hollywood white teeth or plastic acting, this is average down-to-earth people, showcasing the brilliance of story telling.

The dark artistic direction adds to the appeal of the weird spookiness of the film. 

Is what is happening real? Or is it a girl's imagination? Is something there, something coming to seek out her?

Marie is your average teenager filled with questions, filled with different emotions. Suffering with the loss of what seems to be her father. Marie feels that bad things happen around her. Her mysteries add to the strangeness of the film.

This is a nice slow-burn film. You wonder what really is happening, what really is going on? This movie builds and builds until the real truth. An emotional drama with the aspects of imagination and the old folk tales come to light mixing with a child's ideas and visions. 

The characters are flawless. The chemistry between each character works so perfect, all the characterizations are vivid for the viewer. I really enjoyed this movie. I loved the drama, the mystery, the final conclusion on just what is taking place. 

I feel this is a very well crafted film that deals with the aspects of life and death. A haunting structured tour-de-force of emotions and attitudes and a true creepiness of reality or trying to understand the aspects of death and the spirit world.

Beautifully paced. Emotionally filmed. A structurally perfect film of story telling, direction and acting.

Tim Lewis is flawless as the grieving father. He masters the part in a heart touching emotional performance. Jessica Barden is a gem of acting quality. She builds the character and creates a true masterpiece performance of believable quality. 

Lucy Catherine wrote an amazing story of drama, mystery and spookiness. The direction by Alastair Siddons was flawless and captured the reality and quality of life and struggle by the lens of the camera.

I highly recommend this odd and original film.