Macabre Faire Film Fest: My favorite Shorts

I attended the Long Islands Macabre Faire Film Fest and was entertained on all the many aspects of peoples visions of cinema. From the basic 2 Minute all the way to 30 minute shorts to Feature length films.


I think one of the hardest types of film making and story telling is short films. These have to consist of grabbing so much detail and story that the viewer has to understand and be satisfied in such a small period. To make a successful short film to me is a very hard accomplishment because I need detail and focus on a subject to really grasp the understanding of the piece. With that said I am a true fan of the medium and art form of short films. To me a true skilled director or artist is the one able to crunch the imagination of a films subject into a small space.




Plot: It's Halloween and two young people decide to dress up and go to a Fondue party but lets just say it's no ordinary Fondue party.

Directed: Torin Langen

(13 minutes)

My Two Cents:

This is truly original and unique and possibly the most original short or concept of a film that I have ever seen. The subject is perfect you never saw what was coming. Perfect and priceless short that needs to be seen. Kind of like Eli Roth's Hostel meets a Fondue party.



Plot: A man is suffering, he hates his body, he hates the parts on his body. He will go to extremes to rid himself of these parts.

Directed: Andy Stewart

(11 minutes)

My Two Cents:

A brilliantly acted part by Gordon Holiday. He never says one word, there is a voice over but his emotions, facial expressions and pain make you the viewer close your eyes and even cringe and that is super hard to make me do that. Not since Annie Wilkes took the hammer to Paul Sheldon has a movie made me go ouch. Loved this whole short.


Zombie Family

Plot: A new family moves on the block, not a typical family but a Zombie family that goes about trying to fit in like a normal family.

(16 Minutes)

Directed: Joseph Weisman

My Two Cents:

This is a true hoot to behold, I was laughing so hard that it hurt. This is a priceless piece of short cinema. It has everything and more a comedy horror should have. This also has cameos by horror legends Reggie Banister and Tony Todd. I have to give a shout out to Chuck Lines who stars in it as Erwin Zombie the son. His part busted my lung I laughed so hard. You can't go wrong with this short. It's just your average American family of Zombies. A truly priceless and very original comedy horror that deserves to be seen and the word spread about this little gem. This is a created wonder that brings a true spark to horror comedy at its finest and so much more.


Killin Time

Directed: Mark Biltch

(7 minutes)

Plot: There is a child killer on the loose. A Jehovah's Witness rings the door bell. Little Grace is home alone and scared and takes no chances.

My Two Cents:

Another priceless and fun horror comedy that shines above and beyond. This is a true favorite of mine. Grace Powell who plays the character of Grace gives a truly fantastic acting performance she is flawless in the role and I mean that, priceless. Her whole attitude and emotions and body reactions and dialogue flow with ease and true stardom. A perfect example of how to make a short and have it work for only 7 minutes this truly shines.




Directed: Sean Fitzgerald


Plot: A babysitter, a baby, a baby monitor, a creaking door and someone is in the house.

My Two Cents:

First off priceless music soundtrack. The music is haunting and takes you back to those old school John Carpenter days. The sound effects are the same. This is not original but what it does have going for it is, it's creepy and spooky throughout with the sound effects and the idea of what awaits after you hear something that's not suppose to be there. I enjoyed this one for it's classic feel. It took me back to the old babysitter horror films.



Devil's Night

Directed: Sean Fitzgerald

(10 minutes)

Plot: Trick or Treat, don't give a treat then you might get a Trick and this trick is all about blood.

My Two Cents:

A perfect little Halloween short. One man, a pumpkin and a knock at the door. A kid wants candy. The music score is another priceless trip back into the good old days of horror cinema when music could give you the chills itself. I enjoyed this film and it's priceless odd ending. A perfect little homage to trick or treat Halloween films of the 80's and early 90's. Think Halloween three bad guys.



I had reviewed Familiar earlier in the year here is my link to the review:


Midnight Confessions

I have to give an honorable mention to Philip and Robert Snyder for there short 10 minute film Midnight Confessions. This plays out in a priceless homage to old drive in, grindhouse double bill spook flicks that I miss so much. This short to me is what horror cinema is about. The old style of makeup and buckets of bloods and a dark night, a priest, a beast, a cemetery and some of the coolest music throughout this short. This shined and created in me the wonder and love of horror that I grew up with. The old gory Fulci and Bava and grindhouse cheesy horror that created in me my love for the horror genera. What Philip and Robert did was shine that style again for us old school 70's, 80's and early 90's horror lovers when spook flicks where fun, cheesy, bloody and down right drive in awesome. What so amazing about this short is it was made in 1993 but never got the lime light as it should have because like I say it shines in the classic style of horror film making.


The Short films where a priceless watch, some I could not even sit through they where so horrible, some stood out and others I will forever remember.