The ABC's of Death (2012)

Plot: A 26 chapter anthology that showcases death in all it's vicious wonder and brutal beauty.

My Review and Thoughts:

The ABC's of Death is a wild film that is very disturbing, violent, shocking, silly, corny, childish, and truly filled with awesomeness. I really enjoyed this two hour plus 26th short film anthology. 26 different styles of film making, some are greatly better than others. Some are very disturbing. Some very shocking and some I have no idea what the hell I just watched.

That's the beauty of this film, is that you get totally different styles of film making. The Japanese segments are filled with some silly entertaining rides which add to the movie's weirdness and shock value. Some of the segments throughout are possibly some of the best segments in an anthology film that I have ever seen.

The letter A for Apocalypse is an eye opening experience, how they got away with the violence they did is just truly stunning, it is possibly some of the best special-effects I've seen done in a very long time. 

The letter D for Dogfight is possibly the most brilliant anthology segment that I've ever seen in an anthology movie. I was stunned and floored at the camerawork how they did this. The editing was flawless and unique and done in away that is mind-numbing as the dog and human fight. This segment is just brilliant for the mind to comprehend a flawlessly filmed experiment, beautiful and disturbing. The camerawork with the editing I can not speak enough about. To make this segment it was a brilliant Dogfight. 

The letter L is for the Libido. This is a very graphic and disgusting and disturbing twisted little moment that lives in my mind. Not so much at the beginning but the moments when you have the twist with the wheelchair and the bed with the boy is just something that leaves the viewer numb and disgusted and also gives the viewer the shock value of what they just saw. I think this moment gave me nightmares. It took me back to that A Serbian Film reality. This was one of the brilliant segments in The ABC's of Death.

T is for Toilet is a clay-mation segment that I greatly enjoyed. I thought it was very funny, very brilliant and actually quite disturbing even though it's clay. I enjoyed the graphic-ness of it. 

X is for XXL, a disturbing little segment on how people treat other people that don't fit in with their nice little skinny Hollywood image beauty. This segment is another very graphic, very disgusting segment and works perfect. 

Y is for Young-buck. Is another very disturbing and something that left a lasting impression on me, specially when the old man decided to start licking the bench. I was horrified with this brilliant segment, this shocking, shocking segment. I think it works perfect.

I like films that push the boundaries. I like movies that step on toes. I like movies that make viewers turn away. I like movies that make viewers disgusted. I like movies that make viewers go what the hell. I like movies that make the viewer express emotions. 

Many of the segments in this film do that and there are some others that failed greatly or just did not interest me, that does not mean that the segments are bad there just of different quality and of a different taste and in all honesty I think all the segments in this movie has some value. I think the movie flows perfectly. I think there was some fun comedy, some disturbing realities, some violent horror. I think The ABC's of Death contains every genre of film making and there was a whole mix of emotions throughout the movie.

I highly recommend any fan of movies especially for those who love short films or those who enjoy different type of styles of short film-making.

This is one of those films that Hollywood would never touch with a 10 foot pole, because they're not into showcasing having the viewers express emotions. Most of their films are just of a standard setup of what to do or what not to do. They never touch the very fabric and rip what you're not supposed to do and I feel The ABC's of Death rips the very fabric of what you're supposed to and not supposed to do and it creates some thought-provoking moments. It creates Segments of brilliance, some shocking segments, some brilliantly filmed segments and some just average segments.

Out of the 26 segments. I feel 16 of them truly work. This is an anthology film that I will definitely be watching over and over again just because its unique and very original at times and just leaves you with so many emotions and wow segments and moments of WTF responses.