The Imposter (2012)

Plot: An investigator sets out to unravel the mystery about a 13-year-old boy who vanished in Texas only to show up three years later in Spain.

Starring: Frederic Bourdin, Adam O'Brian

My Review and Thoughts: 

In 1994 13-year-old Nicholas Barclay disappeared from San Antonio Texas. Three years and four months after his disappearance. On October 7, 1997 a greater mystery begins. What happened? What is the truth?

Haunting, disturbing, reality-based, it gets under your skin, you can't help but watch.

This is an interesting documentary and movie, it takes the actual people involved. The documentary part interviews the real persons also you are given filmed moments of the actions and reality that took place in an acted out drama setting.

This is a very disturbing film, just in the idea that you watch the family suffering knowing their loved one is gone, there little boy is gone and now three years later someone is stating that they are that little boy. Someone stating that they were sexually abused and kidnapped and taken to Spain and now they have been found.

I actually went into this thinking it was a movie but it ended up being a docudrama. Being part documentary, part drama film and it's a very interesting film in showcasing what inspired and took place during this mysterious strange ordeal.

This is either one of the most brilliant scams or one of the most despicable actions a person could ever do to a grieving family. The whole mystery idea just totally changes as you realize what has inspired. 

To listen to the young man who claims to be Nicholas speak of his actions, and his rant toward the family and/or the incident of what has taken place is an eye-opening, viewing of a truth, because the disturbing nature of the subject matter and the hope of one family after three years gets to you in how blind and stupid they were.

First off I've always believed that when children go missing there could be a greater story behind it then just some dirty old man who wants to rape a child. There are sex rings and sex trafficking and even the horrible incident that happened in the 80's:

The Franklin Child Prostitution Ring Allegations  which I believe did happen and no amount of government cover-up is going to change my mind. I recommend anyone to learn of The Franklin case, this hidden part of history needs to be remembered.

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I think the sad reality of this docudrama is that there's really no good outcome to the subject, both sides of the ordeal is very depressing and sad and unresolved from the families pain to the pain of the young man stating he's the missing son.

I do feel the whole ordeal is despicable and in my honest viewpoint there's more to the story than what the family is letting people know. I think there's more mystery that needs to be solved. I think someone in the family knows the truth, knows what really happened and is hiding something. 

With that said this documentary is a very interesting capture of an incident in criminal history to showcase two different countries, Interpol, The FBI, National missing and exploited children organization and innocent subjects who where taken advantage of all across the world.

On an interesting note the actor who stars in it as the drama character of the man that is supposedly Nicolas captures the part flawless. Adam O'Brian plays the flashback parts to a wonderful believable degree. This is his first movie acting in and he does a fantastic job.

This film premiered in competition at the Sundance Film Festival. It won two British Independent Film Awards and also won a BAFTA award. 

I have to say Bart Layton the director crafted a very well put together documentary that leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

I recommend this just to showcase how people think, how people cope, how people do what they do. And how people are willing to try and accept the unacceptable.

I recommend this award worthy documentary.