Karla (2006)

Starring: Laura Prepon, Misha Collins

Plot: Based on real events, Paul Bernardo and his wife, Karla Homolka, kidnap, sexually abuse, and murder three young girls. 

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a true life story of the serial killer duo Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka Benardo. This is based on the sick twisted disturbing reality of these serial killers. This movie captures the true evil of this couple. 

Karla loved Paul so much that she killed her own baby sister and three other women. She loved him so much she would allow him to torture, torment and rape, and beat her and the victims. She lived in hell and yet allowed it and participated in it. This movie is very deep, dark and really disgusting in the idea of what took place by these two monsters. It is a true life film that grabs you as you watch knowing this stuff happened. 

This is a movie that should be watched for the fact that this stuff really happens. It needs to be studied and looked upon and not hidden so that just maybe we can stop and help the next victims. 

This is a good acted movie. The direction is good because the images of murder and torment in the film is not over done and even though a lot is off screen it works because you must use your mind which is even more haunting in my thoughts. 

This concept of murder off screen is so will done that it leaves images clouding your thoughts as you think of what happened. This is not a fun movie. It's not a suspense, action, drama, it's a movie that is about real monsters. This film sticks to the point to what is known within the court files. These monsters filmed their crimes. The murder movies were destroyed right along with the house in trying to hush-hush what happened in this little Canadian community. 

It amazes me how communities want to cover up the boogie man and act like it never happened and to forget about the victims of those horrible crimes. Everybody says well the house was tour down and the tapes were destroyed to protect those involved, hog wash. They destroyed it to forget about this case in hopes that bad images of the town and area would not be tainted. 

Karla was a lying psychopath right along with her husband Paul. She is just as much to do with it as he did. She played the system and worked the emotions of those involved with her case and now as I write this that monster that boogie man walks among us. This woman who helped kill her baby sister and three other women who were tortured raped and kept alive for a period of time to be tormented beyond words is out living her life like nothing has ever happened. 

This movie will haunt and touch a nerve that makes you wonder and think of how people can live this way without remorse. Karla showed no remorse for her actions. She could care less about anything she did. 

This movie stars as Karla Laura Prepon. She is amazing in the part only seeing her in the TV show That 70's show and now in this role of a disturbed person is amazing. She captures the emotional horror of Karla in real life.  Misha Collins plays Paul who is truly an evil presence in all his actions. Misha captures it perfect. Paul was a man that enjoyed others torment. His sexual pleasure was pain and suffering of others. 

One shot in this film is done so well that it makes your mouth drop open. Paul comes home and like it's normal he says without emotion I raped a girl, I stole these clothes from her. 

This movie is a must see must watch. It is a Reality-based horror that will remain in your mind long after the movie is over. Most people reading this review will be like I never heard of Paul or Karla it's because places want to hide the truth and cover up the horror that happened. 

This movie was even boycotted in hopes it would not be shown. To hide the truth of these monsters is a true shame. This is a film that will offend and make many angry. 

To me it's a must watch film, that is a must in my view point. It captures the case and reality of the destruction these two caused. It gives a face to the crimes. Its gives a reality that these two killed for fun. This film does a great job in capturing the reality that normal looking people can be the monsters in the shadows waiting to strike.