The Shrine (2010)

Plot: A group of young journalist investigate a dissapparence of a young American over seas, leading them into a path of a cult and sacrifice.

Starring: Aaron Ashmore, Cindy Sampson, Meghan Heffern,

My Review and Thoughts:

A news journalist seeking out her big story sets in flow an ordeal that will change the life of all those involved. Carmen seems to be trapped in mundane stories, now she goes against her boss and takes a trip to Poland along with her boyfriend Marcus and her friend Sarah to investigate the disappearance of an American that has vanished. Eric Taylor was visiting a small back woods farm town when he disappeared. His luggage appears across country.

In Eric's journal it mentions the last place he was and a mysterious fog that hovers and lingers over one area.

Carmen brings her boyfriend Marcus and Sarah into the ordeal. Marcus is the down-to-earth sane one as Carmen is that stupid journalistic naive woman that steps into trouble without thinking or better yet the girl that wears only the thong into a Hell's Angels bar and expects nothing to happen.

This movie has great creepy weird and disturbing moments, awesome music score, awesome sound effects and one creepy ass statue.

Really enjoyed this film. I love the suspense, mystery, the overall claustrophobic feel, the good and evil, the cult like religious setting. 

Surprises me not more talk about this film. This is a really good horror film, and is a very suspenseful film at times, very creepy. It takes you back to those old films of the 60's and 70's dealing with cults such as The Wicker Man, The Devil's Rain, The Brotherhood of Satan, The Devil Rides Out.

Nice bloodshed, nice images of gore, twisted weirdness, very spooky at times, creatures, the unknown, the religious setting of good and evil. 

This stars Shawn Ashmore's twin brother Aaron Ashmore. Most watching this, think, hey that's Iceman from X-Men movies, nope it's not that is his twin brother that is often mistaken for him because he looks exactly like his brother. Aaron plays Marcus the sane boyfriend with logic and the fighter of the group to stay alive.

Love the classic special effects of make up, awesome transformations, ugly disturbing creatures, flashes of images of violence giving it a classic feel, love it. Thank god there is no CGI just the beauty of classic makeup and hard work in creating the sets and gore.

Sound effects are great, very creepy gets under your skin, silent voices talking, the growling, music, spooky long drawn out voices, priceless images of very disturbing evil.

I loved the movie, enjoyed it all. I thought it had a classic appeal to it with a retro style horror flare.

I was very impressed with it, very impressed and I highly recommend it.

Greatest line from the movie that I will remember:

"I have tasted the blood and flesh of fallen angels"

This mixes the elements of The Exorcist along with The Wicker Man (the original a course) to bring a truly awesome twisted and brilliant little film of classic style that I miss so much in horror film making.