Murderous Intent (2006)

Starring: Eddie Redmayne, Tom Sturridge, Toni Collette, Richard Roxburge

Plot: A forensic psychologist is tasked with determining whether or not a minor should face murder charges for killing his schoolmate

My Review and Thoughts:

First off this stars an amazing young actor Eddie Redmayne. He is a fantastic star in all he does. He makes you believe his emotions and reactions seem real as his character Alex in this movie showcases the mystery of the story.

A wonderful suspense who dun-nit tale that slowly builds into a wonderful climatic emotional roller coaster.

Alex a spoiled little rich kid has met his challenge in a new boarding school classmate named Nigel. Nigel is roomed with Alex and soon the torment and struggle of the two personalities clash. Cat and mouse games of who is the baddest or better.

The movie starts out with Alex in jail being charged with murder. Detective Mckenzie brings in Sally a psychologist to try and figure out the ordeal. The detective believes Alex has killed his roommate and needs for Sally to prove it.

This is a wonderful thriller, a twisted psychological drama of thick characters and ordeals that are slowly and perfectly acted out through Alex's character telling the story.

Something I love about this movie is there is almost an erotic charge between the clashing two boys. Alex can't seem to stop thinking or looking or talking about him. He mentions that Nigel is reading his mind or that his thoughts are linked to him. They stare at each other. Alex an open minded bratty rich kid and Nigelthe mystery, the hidden secret that Alex can't grasp or understand.

This is truly a unique and very original film. I found my attention fixated upon every moment. I truly was mesmerized . I enjoyed the thick plot and twisted mystery and also the added somewhat conspiracy and almost supernatural element.

The chemistry between Eddie Redmayne and Tom Sturridge is Oscar worthy brilliant. 

This mixes the reality of the history of the church, the Knights Templar, secret societies, folklore and legend around the imagination of the young. Mix in murder and mystery and you have this film spelled out. 

I highly recommend this movie. It's a perfect murder mystery with a twisted truth.

Once the end hits and the story unfolds and the complete truth comes out, its a flawless reality and a flawless story and a perfect Alfred Hitchcock type of movie.