Wakey Wakey (2012)

Starring: Laura Wheelwright, Fabiana Weiner, 

Plot:  Teen Josie tries to make sense of a frightening world in which a sleep condition blurs her dreams into waking life, and comes under the sway of her sister Samantha, whose dark web of secrets she must unravel.

My Review and Thoughts:

Adrian Goodman Created an artistically brilliant black-and-white mind screw of a film. This movie brought the dream state to the screen. The visual of lunacy brought on by a feverish nightmare of art and the strokes of the hidden paint.

Art as film. Dark twisted beauty. 

The music and sound effects are a mind trip of hardcore heavy metal riffs and drums. Switching to high toned nonsense of noises and pieces of non-clarity,  giving a paint by numbers of insanity. A twisted trip into an art house rustic underground avant-gard of visuals and story telling through actions and images showcased with black and white film and noises or moments of silence.

Two sisters one narcoleptic and the other filled with mystery live together in an emotional spiral. One a dominating somewhat bully. The other a kind of child with special needs.

The beauty of the film is the sisters, sister relationship and characterization of both parts as the story unfolds. 

The older sister is obsessed with darkness and death and she uses her narcoleptic sister for her gain. Posing her for pictures, hurting her, making her think she is crazy. You the viewer start to question what is real and what isn't. 

This movie is so well done in the visual department, in the Gothic dark stance that you the viewer often wonder maybe you're dreaming, maybe you're stepping inside the dream state. 

The movie captures a flawlessly beautiful artistic reality that flows with how simple it's done with two people in the house.  Black-and-white and the deep dark reality one sister is obsessed with death and destruction, one sister who looks up to the other sister and often says she's sorry for her Disease of sleep. 

The manipulation by the older sister to the younger sister is actually a frightening and disturbing reality

There is moments happening that you question is it real or is it not real. 

Sam the oldest sister has an erotic reality to her. Sam kisses her sister and enjoys messing around with her. The camerawork with the set, the house that the two girls are in looks almost structured like a maze, as if they are mouses, following into each room, trying to figure out the structure.

Both actresses are amazing and give award worthy performances. 

There's a spookiness to the reality of the film. Can she escape her prison, her dreams or are her nightmares reality?

Truly a fantastic art house film of imaginative dark, wonderful cinema that greats an atmosphere and a world of its own.