Asshole (2010)

Plot: Gandu hates his life. He hates his mother. Gandu raps out his hate, anger, dirt and filth of his existence.

Starring: Anubrata, Joyraj, Kamalika, Shilajit, Rii

My Review and Thoughts:

Artsploitation Films is a company that brings out many styles of cinema. I'm a huge fan of there distribution of pictures. They put out movies that make statements or are simply beautiful and extreme. Gandu steps into the madness of insanity and a huge question mark on just what it is you're viewing. This is an art-house underground example of pure extreme visual rape at its most confusing and also at its most titillating.

This is one man's journey into creating the film that explores and kicks away the foundations of societies so-called morality. The director and writer simply known as Q, created a mind trip of frustration, anger, bitterness and innocence and a somewhat pleasure. He destroyed the reality of making film and showcased something new, fresh and original, because I have never seen anything filmed like this before.

A statement, a journey, a piece of anger painted on the lens of the camera to display for the public. An Indian (dot not feather), wanted to break the boundaries of his culture, his life and his city. Gandu stands for asshole, and Q said that is what he is.

This is laced with music that tells the story and is in a sense dialogue. The music is the poetry and the statement that the emotions and actions detail that is being filmed go along with the tunes and words.

A young man simply known as Gandu has a dream of being a music artist. A rapper, a poet to spread his statements through beats and screaming words. He lives in poverty, stealing money and doing drugs all the while chasing a dream that fades before him, because he is lost in his surroundings.

Now the basis of the music has an important reality because it is the basis of telling the story in Indian culture; the tales and folklore and so on are expressed through music.

Gandu does that by expressing rough and poetic and extreme passion in the music that is being expressed in the film.

As of this writing this film is still banned in its native land. The censorship forbids the film from being shown. I must express my love for this film. I must express my awe in the nature of this film. I have to express to others the reality of its purpose. The breaking of chains of what you suppose to do and not do. Gandu did without worry and expressed the very dark nature of struggle and anger and sexuality.

What most people might not realize is, India has the largest film industry in all the world. Sadly that large reality is the Bollywood image, silly films that are categorized in the term Bollywood. There is a misconception when it comes to India cinema, because the public tends to place all of their films together into that subject.

In reality Gandu and other films are from Kolkata which is in the Bengal state east of India. Bengali films which Gandu can be represented with other films that were more artistic in nature and had a powerful sense of personality and not just created or made to make money or put out as a family outing to the cinema. These films would most often make statements that expressed a sense of reality and the actions of struggle of a personal nature. These films were not meant to be commercial and is more or less banned or swept away. 

Now with all that said it's basically all false comparing this film to ancient types of cinema or as some people even went on to say that it had remnants for moments of the film Trainspotting and so on. I feel it's above and beyond anything that is out there in that nature. This pushes the boundaries of basic cinema, blatant drug use, sex, male nudity, a scene where your main star masturbates (I warn, it's not fake and he really ejaculates) this also has striking images of demonic and folklore images that are extreme and powerful and depicted brilliant ways in this film.

This is a journey of a young man. A soul wanting to express himself in poetry; In his is music. 

All around him, everyone, his peers, his loved ones, his city all seem to be hammering him down for he is simply told,he is nothing more, then an asshole.

Soon Gandu befriends a young man who runs a street cart taxi. Who has a fetish and a love for Bruce Lee, adding the more odd and weirdness to the film. The whole movie is an extreme example of pure reality of an artistic nature.

A film that's hard to describe unless you have seen it. I simply can't put it into words, it is what it is. In my view point it's brilliant, because it's so damn odd.

I highly recommend, but I warn also.