Conjoined (2013)

Starring: Tom Long, Michelle Ellen Jones, Keefer Barlow, Jake Byrd

Plot: When a lonely man finds out the love of his life has a conjoined twin, who happens to be a serial killer, he must take drastic measures to keep his love life intact while keeping himself out of big trouble.

My Review and Thoughts:

I want to say Chuck Norfolk and Tim Norfolk created an awesome screenplay, very comical, very unique, very interesting and very original.

The movie is a comical hoot and very funny, very interesting in the psychological comedy horror type of setting. The silliness works. It actually makes the viewer giggle, smile, smirk.

"That's my tit."

This has midnight movie, cult following, drive-in type of feel all over it. It's one of those films that you can see people watching over and over and doing parties on it, talking about it. 

Poor Stanley, a nerdy man has meet the woman of his dreams online. Never meet Alina in public until the planned date. There he finds out her secret she is a joined Siamese twin. Stanley is shocked and floored but soon goes along with it. Now Stanley loves his girl Alina and goes along with the twin Alisa.

This has some great comical banter. I laughed hard in spots. Something that stands out in a humorous way is Stanley's home. The set is like a VFW lounge decorated by Goodwill. 

So Stanley sets out to find Alina's sister Alisa a boyfriend. Alisa has an controllable lust for killing. The first murder is so silly and just plain ludicrous and that is way it works.

This is a fun corny comedy serial killer Siamese twin low budget b-movie, say that three times fast. I greatly enjoyed this for the stand up comedy aspect. It was like watching comedy skits. The dialogue written is priceless. The silliness is over the top but that is also way it works. It does not take itself serious. So many of these silly films try and be more then what they are and that's why they fail.

"Lot different then a German Shepard."

This is not for everyone. You have to like movies like Troma puts out, or the silliness of Scary Movie antics, and low budget b-movies on the reality of Killer Tomatoes.

I for one love corny humor and  cheesy comedy, mix it with a humor laced b-movie feel, that classic drive-in double feature mentality and you have a winner. This to me is a perfect corny comedy horror. 

"Man that cauterizing is some nasty shit, kind of makes me want a fried bologna sandwich."

The true winners of the film is Tom Long who plays Stanley and Jake Byrd who plays his friend Jerry. Jerry's character is priceless, a cowboy with a nasty mind.

Joe Grisaffi directed a true hoot to watch for fans of over the top comedy goofiness, and I mean silly, from plastic body parts to a double blowjob with a fake plastic penis. A priceless silly stupid comedy horror done just right for fans of this type of cinema.

I loved the movie.