Under the Bed (2012)

Plot: Neal has just come home after a two-year visit, living arrangement with his aunt. You find out that his mother has died and people thinks he set the fire. Neal as a secret. He sees the boogie man under the bed. He doesn't sleep because every night it visits and now his younger brother is being visited also.

Starring: Johnny Weston, Gattlin Griffith, Peter Holden, Musetta Vander, 

My Review and Thoughts:

Under the Bed is almost like a classic throwback to some of the monster boogie man movies of the 1980s and has a style to it that seems to pull in a younger audience yet is adult-oriented because of the violence and the gore and language.

It almost has a teenage quality to it with that old classic style of the creature under the bed or in the closet or hiding in the darkness. I thought this was a mixed bag of ideas. It can be viewed in two different ways. One, it being a simple film to enjoy for whatever it is. 

Two, it being a mess. Horribly edited and there are massive holes to the story. It goes in all directions. You never know what, how, or why the movie is what it is. There is no explanation other than theories and ideas spoken by the characters. The  acting is horrendous. There are some very stale, cue card reading acting going on in this movie at times. The whole James Dean persona of the main character is corny. 

One of the letdowns is the unrealistic reality of the characters. The father played by Peter Holden is a total ass. I mean the character is way over thought, way overacted and just has no real part in the movie. One minute he's a bastard and in the next he's calm and collected.

With all the negative said I still found myself enjoying the film for what it was. There was some great gore, some great creature feature reality. The make up and the monster was awesome. 

I still enjoyed it for that corny 80s feel. That classic feel that you would get from renting a random VHS horror film and bringing it home popping it in and not knowing what to expect.

If you're a fan of cheesy horror films or films that really have no explanation other than this is what is taking place. I recommend this for those who like random horror movies that are there, just to fill in gaps for enjoyment. Like I say, I still had fun with this movie even though it was poorly created.  It could've been a great film if they would've spent more time on in the filming, editing and over all storyline.

Enjoy it for what it is, simple, silly, a direct to video film that has no great subject matter. Awesome gore and makeup. This is like taking CHUD mixing it with The Gate and twisting a tiny spec of Little Monsters.

We all can relate to the boogie man under the bed.