Creature 2013

Starring: Daniela Melin 

Plot: Natalya's desperation to seek answers from her past. By traveling back to a place she recalls as secure, the memories come out of the darkness with the sole purpose of yet again destroying her life.

My Review and Thoughts:

Creature 2013 is an interesting art-house avant-garde experimental type cinema. It plays with colors and black-and-white images and graphics. It's a twisted experimental film. It's one of those films that lingers on the viewers mind as it showcases and owns the screen.

It's an interesting reality inside a nightmarish world. It's as if a piece of art is being painted before your eyes and it comes to life to showcase all it eccentricities.

Truly a very haunting type of setup with the classic stance of experimental cinema with touches of David Lynch and old school Dario Argento and so on. This had those old-school VHS gritty 8mm type of camerawork surrounded by a visionary nightmare come to life.

It has the visuals that play and take hold of the viewer. The film owns the viewer, sending it into one spiral experiment. A visual ecstasy and in a sense, a visual rape of the senses.

Twisted brilliance.

This is a new title by Film Bizarro Productions. This is by Swedish Independent film director named Ronny Carlsson. Carlsson also wrote directed and produced this film with Daniela Melin. This is an experimental horror twist of drama, a twist of truly nightmarish and haunting reality. 

This stars Daniela Melin as the lead and she captures the subject matter and makes the viewer believe in the seeking and search for the truth of her past.

Truly a mystery filled reality as you follow along with the story trying to understand what's going on as your main character Natalya has flashs in the present and the past through clouded imagery.

What is the truth? What is the reality? What is the basis of this? This is a film that many might scratch their head and many might be confused and many might be like what the hell is going on? This is not for everyone, but it is for those who love cinema in the sense of experimental cinema. Cinema that is original. This is cinema that has a story to tell yet creates the truth around a jigsaw puzzle. The viewer must put together the puzzle to complete the image, but those pieces are hard to come by as you fathom what is taking place on screen through the experimental images.

What makes this film also brilliant is it takes you back to the old school of horror cinema. The classic look of old-school 70s and 80s grind house films. The gritty nature of the lens. This is captured old-school style, experimental style making it all the more brilliant for the viewer and for those who love this type of indie underground cinema.

The viewer has to enter through the twisted illusionary type reality that is Creature 2013. I feel this is a brilliant film. A twisted brilliance and an odd ordeal that grabs the viewer and creates something visually important.