Pixote (1981)

Starring: Fernando Ramos Da Silva, Jorge Julião, Gilberto Moura, Edilson Lino

Plot: The life of a boy Pixote, in the streets of Sao Paulo, involved with crimes, prostitution, Pixote helps Lilica a transvestite and three other boys escape a reformatory and make their living by the life of crime which only escalates to more violence and death.

My Review and Thoughts:

Here we go again, as you know in my other countless reviews of certain films that truly stick with you that truly rapes your mind that truly sends you into a spiral trip of pure emotional makeup of senses. The visceral eye candy of violence, pain and suffering through the eyes of children exploited look no further than this masterpiece.

Truly a chilling, and vivid account of Brazil's homeless children and teenagers. How they are used by corrupt police and other criminal organizations to commit crimes.

This stars Fernando Ramos Da Silva as your main star Pixote who sadly in real life at the age of 19 was killed by Brazilian police in São Paulo. Art sadly came true and ended in a gun shoot out. Sadly Fernando Ramos Da Silva was never able to get out of the slums in real life and seemed to become the part. Although there is a mystery behind his death. Some say he was murdered by the very corrupt police the movie showcases. He often stated that he could never get away from the image of Pixote and that the police could never differentiate his real self from his character or maybe it was him who could not.

This deals with the poverty of street children. Children that end up committing crimes because they are exploited by adults. Most once caught are sent to overcrowded dormitories where they struggle to survive.

On the outside kidnapped, they struggle to find food and are treated as sexual objects. This is a vivid depiction of the world of innocence’s lost.

This holds nothing back. The rape of children, the abuse of children, the lost souls. All seen through the eyes of one young boy named Pixote.

It's a shocking movie, it has very exploitation feel, very sad, very emotional, very sadistic to see what the children go through. The poverty is disturbing. A reality-based film of a twisted nature each and every one of their lives lost, fallen through the cracks.

Corrupt cops abusing their authority creating an atmosphere of violence and suffering. Drugs and murder and violence creates a deep film of child exploration.

The opening of the film states:

"The district of San Paulo a large Latin American industrial city responsible for 60 to 70% of the country's gross national product. Brazil has 120 million inhabitants of which 50% are under 21 years of age of these almost 28 million Live in conditions below the standards set forth in the International Children's Rights prescribed by the UN. There are also approximately 3 million homeless children who have no one and no defined family of origin. The situation of these children is more chaotic when one is aware that they can't be prosecuted which permits the exploitation of these miners by some adults, forcing them to commit crimes or acts of delinquency knowing they won't be prosecuted, at most they will be sent to reformatories where they will spend several months where the pressure and the lack of space will cause their immediate release."

As I watched this movie I was startled by the frankness of the sexuality, violence, the starvation, the abuse, the filthiness, the degradation, the horror depicted upon children.

With all the comments of the violence and the horrors depicted onscreen there is also moments of striking beauty, cinematography at times is extraordinary. The director captures beautiful beaches amongst the savagery of what these children have gone through.

There's a moment where Pixote your main star holds his friend Lilica on the beach and he hugs him. The moment is emotional and beautiful.

You can't help, but want to cradle these children in your arms, hug them, show them some type of love that they've never had, you can't help but feel sorry for them, you can't help but want to be their parents, their loved ones, or just to give them the warmth of a hug and that's why the movie is amazing, it's filmed natural, as if what's on screen is real. The direction and acting make you believe.

I think that's what is beautiful about the character of Pixote, your main character, for Fernando Ramos Da Silva acts the part amazing. This small boy frame, his Angel face covered in dirt, the sadness in his eyes, his emotional turmoil and torment of his surroundings, you could see his ability to capture the character flawlessly. He depicted on-screen the character of Pixote in a way that makes the viewer see the reality of this young man and his situation.

All the young actors in this movie are extraordinary, not only does Fernando Ramos Da Silva act flawlessly but the others do also. Jorge Julião plays the transvestite Lilica and wins the golden ticket of being perfect in a film. Also a stunning performance by Gilberto Moura as Dito.

I highly recommend this movie, it's a thought-provoking film, heart touching film, it's an emotionally draining film, it's a horrifying film but most of all it's a film that is a classic, a masterpiece.

It's a must-see for anyone that calls themselves a movie buff or a movie historian or one who thinks, they like cinema.

                   :Rest in Peace: