Shiver (2008)

Plot: Santi suffers from an allergy to the sun. His mother moves him to a village where he can live a more normal style of life. Soon murders happen. Town folk talk and a mystery unfolds in a horror induced setting of secrets, lies and cover ups.

Starring: Junio Valverde, Blanca Suárez, Mar Sodupe, Francesc Orella.

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a very unique, interesting, original, creepy, spooky and a true little gem of a film that went under the radar. This is a Spanish speaking horror film with English subtitles. I have to admit this was perfectly made in the nostalgic horror story telling and most of all imagination department.

A beautiful woven fairytale type of setting in modern-day times. You have a young kid that suffers from photophobia, an intense allergy to light, especially sunlight. The old and new tease saying something in the sense of vampire. He's just a kid with skin problems and the sun burns him creating people to gossip.

The movie is brilliantly acted and vividly created in the hair-raising department. There's a darkness to it. An underlining creepy, evil campfire tale.

Your main character Santi moves to a new town where the days are short and the cloud cover hides the sun most of the time. In the new town Santi and his mother are outsiders. The home they live in, they discover that a German family used to live there but there's a mystery and suspense that has been denied the truth to the people.

Many people start to die, their throats are torn out. A creature is in the woods. The locals go nutty, and so begins the cat and mouse type of setting where the townsfolk raise pitchforks in the classic setting of the old universal monster pictures.

Truly an amazing Spanish horror film Produced by Guillermo Del Toro. This is one of those little gem's that should be sought out and praised for its dark and interesting and unique concept and reality.

Truly a golden star is Junio Valverde the young man that plays Santi. His emotional acting and beauty in holding the character shines on screen. He makes you believe his struggle, pain and suffering and most of all his emotional fear.

The story is very creepy at times. Those feral children type of reality playing out in a horror induced orgy of violence and death. I really speak highly of this for its totally original with a twisted concept of people and there fears and uncertain beliefs.

A little modern classic that's worthy to grace your movie shelf. I highly recommend this one.