Slip & Fall (2011)

Starring: William Forsythe, Andrew Divoff, Sam Cohan, William DeCoff

Plot: Danny's parents are dead and he lives in a trailer with his Grandma who recently was scammed into spending all of his money buying a massive satellite dish. He can't pay for his final semester of law school and his life is pretty much over. The trailer company is foreclosing and his law school won't allow another loan because of his petty and miserable Dean. What will Danny do -break the law?

My Review and Thoughts:

To start with I have to say I found a great new comedy. I laughed so hard during this. This was a fun, silly, cool trip that just made me smile, giggle, laugh. It was just perfectly done in that comical type of reality. The characters are so outrageous, the plot is so outrageous, everything about the movie is just so outrageous that it creates a truly original comedy that just makes the viewer laugh throughout with constant weird humor.

Sam Cohan plays Danny. Cohan does a fantastic performance as the college student trying to make it, trying to struggle through school with a horrible teacher that treats him like trash and it seems that everybody walks over him. Soon Danny must find a way to find money so he can continue in Law School. 

Now all the actors are perfect but I have to pinpoint three characters that made this movie. I have never seen performances like this specifically from two of the main actors William Forsythe and Andrew Divoff. 

William plays the character of Jerry who is a scam artist. To watch the performance that William gives this character is memorable. I've never seen him play this type of character before and it's just magically done. I've always seen William in these tough guy roles. These badass rolls with guns or violence and just to see him in a comedy makes it all the more entertaining.

Next would be Andrew Divoff who plays Dean. First off Andrew is a brilliant actor and I've always felt he was underrated. He plays the perfect bad guy and I've always seen him play the bad guy character. I grew up watching him as the bad guy and to see him as this dorky rich lawyer teacher is just another magical performance in the comedy setting. He still uses his attitude, his anger look, yet mixes it with an underlining comical performance.

Then I have to mention William DeCoff and his character of Jimmy. William in this movie is something that is so hard to explain because it has to be seen to understand. 

How an actor could deliver the continuous dialogue and rant over a period of time amazes me how he was able to get it all out. I would have loved to of seen bloopers and outtakes to see how many takes it took him to do this. I mean if you have seen the movie you know what I'm talking about, if you haven't seen the movie well he goes on and on and on about his sexual escapades and it's a continuous rant with the F-you over and over again. I swear I don't think I've seen the F, word used so many times in one movie, Samuel L. Jackson would even blush.

DeCoff's performance is a comical genius. I swear he had me rolling with some of that dialogue, some of that written script the way he was talking over and over again. The performance with him and Forsythe and Cohan in the first meeting was done so right and so ridiculously funny that I will always remember.

William DeCoff is a priceless obnoxious genius in this performance. He is a character that I will always remember and just seeing him act this out was something that will stick with me. I will return to this performance to watch it over and over again. 

I will return to all three of their performances for they a brilliantly acted and captured flawlessly is these three parts.

I have to give a shout out to the writer Jason W. Loomis, he created something that was just so funny. It's a classic type of setting. A naughty yet hilarious comedy that just showcases that you can make comedy and create something fresh and funny. 

Shout out to the director Marc Colucci for bringing together great tight performances and a truly funny memorable comedy that sticks with you.

I love this movie. I recommend it for those who like silly comedies, those who like great comical performances. It's just a truly outrageous story, outrageous movie, it's just so funny that it can't be taken serious. It's a great, fresh, new and original comedy.