The Night of the Following Day (1968)

Starring: Marlon Brando, Rita Moreno, Richard Boone, Jess Hahn

Plot: Two men kidnap a girl at the airport, take her to a beach house. And hold her for ransom.

My Review and Thoughts:

Marlon Brando, the badass himself stars in this tight thriller of kidnappers and suspense. Marlon is up to his bad guy ways as the kidnapper known as Bud with a partner, the one and only Richard Boone playing the second kidnapper Leer.

I thought the story worked flawlessly, a great suspense thriller, a nice little mystery written for the screen by Hubert Cornfield and Robert Phippeny. Hubert Cornfield also directed this little classic. 

This stars the one and only Rita Moreno and boy is she young in this. Beautiful and amazing.

They kidnap Dupont's daughter who is played by the stunning and beautiful Pamela Franklin. Holding her for ransom in what they consider a flawless scheme.

A nice classic dark and mysterious film. There's an underlining sinister attitude and reality with the character Leer and he showcases it in small little actions.

Brando plays the cool collective kidnapper, Boone plays the sinister kidnapper, Moreno plays the Coke addicted tagalong girlfriend to Bud, Brando's character.

All of them give stunning emotional charged and attitude chilling performances. Rita is amazing, Brando is amazing, both of them stand out flawlessly as they act together, the characterizations together, the budding relationship works for the viewer and they own their parts and the camera.

A very overlooked Brando film, this is one of those films that should be sought out and showcased. It's a shame that this movie does not get more talk. Brando gives a shining performance, one to truly remember.

Very brilliant and very disturbing. 

I enjoyed the film greatly and I highly recommend it for those who love old school classic films of bad guys and suspense.

The final showdown is what sparkles, which is amazing, loved the final ordeal, the last moments. For the time period that this mainstream movie was made it has an actual shocking ending, you would not expect the movie ending this way, specifically in a mainstream movie during that time.

A forgotten gem of film. A great Crime Drama.