The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007)

Plot: In an abandoned house in Poughkeepsie, New York murder investigators uncover hundreds of tapes showing decades of a serial killer's work.

Starring: Stacy Chbosky, Bobbi Sue Luther, Samantha Robson, Ivar Brogger

My Review and Thoughts:

The Poughkeepsie Tapes is an American documentary style horror film. Think Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer mixed with a teaching tool for the FBI and splash in a little Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. 

This is a twisted little film that plays out like it's real. It's like you're watching a documentary, you are witnessing the FBI talk about the serial killer that brutalizes, slaughtered, tortured and mutilated children men and women at random.

You have experts talk about how he dismembered his victims placing body parts everywhere. You witness the profile of the killer. This is done in a crime story documentary style which it makes you feel that, it is real. 

It showcases violence making the viewer understand or grasp the actions of the serial killer, you witness through the tapes and also the brutalization through the tapes giving it a feeling that seems real.

Need to give a shout out to the composer Keefus Cianca for his music. The music that flows throughout gives it a classical haunting old-school Italian feel. This is strong on images of violence making it all the more capturing to the viewer as it flows in a mind-numbing depiction of deprivaty.

John Erick Dowdle directed a stunning horror of insanity. He filmed and created a truly horrifying experience. A true creepy trip into darkness of a black soul.

A serial killers tapes are found, all 24 hundred hours of them and now you the viewer get to witness his violence filmed on camera. A murdered and raped child, a couple, a woman, a teenager and her boyfriend, and many many more victims.

The tape of Cheryl Dempsey's torture is graphic and sadistically brutal to the point it's very hard to watch. The whole ordeal with Cheryl is a brutal nature. I had a hard time contemplating the whole process. It truly is a horrifying situation. This was directed flawlessly and captured flawlessly in the reality of showcasing something very real, the feeling is so sadistic as you watch that you think it is real. 

Stacy Chbosky is flooring and truly tragic in the part of Cheryl. The interview with Cheryl is disturbing and is acted with an Oscar worthy reality. Her eyes, tears and suffering is truly something I won't forget. 

This movie scared me, not in the sense of monsters or ghost or jumping scares, but this is scary and frightening in the sense that it's possible. This movie flows and is captured in away that it makes you think your inside the mind of the killer or at least showcases the killers actions and the torment of his victims.

It's truly a shame this has not gotten an official release as of this writing. I don't understand why, because this deserves a DVD release, it deserves to be seen, showcased. It is perfectly filmed, perfectly acted, perfectly written, perfectly captured in the sense of dread, pain and suffering and violence and you the viewer enter the very recesses of the dark nature of hell.

I highly recommend this movie but I will warn you I do think some, it'll be too much for, but it's a brilliant, brilliant film. 

Very believable; it's another level in my viewpoint. The performance of actions filmed in the grainy VHS tapes is a dark nature of one human being and his pleasure for pain. Masterpiece of a disturbing reality.