Implanted (2013)

Starring: Justice Leak, Robert Pralgo, Elizabeth Keener, Jason Turner

Plot: Displaced from reality after a near-fatal accident, Ethan Galloway struggles with what is real and what isn't after his brilliant neurologist father uses an experimental medical procedure to save his son's life, but the side-effects turn out to be much greater than either could have imagined.

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a science-fiction film but most of all it's a thick drama, the story, the mystery behind the truth of Ethan. Ethan was in a horrible accident, his father brought him out but now he seeks to know what happened because he can not remember. He wants to know his situation and way and how everything went down.

This is a very emotional film. Thoroughly directed in a way that every viewer can relate to the film. It captures a personal side of family, and the emotional side of seeking the truth and the answers one needs to solve the jig saw puzzle of confusion.

Ethan has a photo of himself and a woman hugging on the beach. He ends up spotting her, he follows her and seeks her out. When first confronted he becomes even more confused as this girl Camille knows his name and states everyone knows his name.

Ethan shows the picture to others and yet they avoid his question. They do not give him the answers he seeks and he needs. There's a great mystery, a great truth that Ethan needs to find. He wants to know what happened to him. He wants to understand his situation.

What truly stands out in this film is the acting by Justice Leak who plays Ethan. He gives a stunning performance. He gives a believable performance. He captures a truly emotional and tragic character. I like his character. I like his acting. I like his emotional ordeal. He touches the viewer with his reality based acting and builds the viewer up for the truth that is to come. He truly makes the film shine. The dialogue, the emotional reality, the direction of his character all creates a truly memorable film persona.

I have to talk about the direction and story created in an artistic and spiral of original emotions and believable situations by a new powerful director Thomas Verrette. I sense a great quality in his direction and most of all his storytelling. He has a unique imagination thats down-to-earth which he creates a vision in this story and film. Not only do the actor's create a wonderful chemistry between each other, but the way the lens of the camera and the art of posing the characters in situations that are directed flawlessly for the viewer to believe. 

Thomas Verrette created Implanted by Writing it, Directing it, Editing it, Producing it and Composing it. That makes him in my book a truly gifted visionary and one who loves film.

The music is stunning. I could listen to the soundtrack all day long. It's truly a passionate reality itself. It flows with the film in a flawless way. The music is a setting in itself. The soundtrack creates its own emotion, it's own chemistry.

I enjoyed this independent film. I thought it stated something and created something original. I love the musical score, the soundtrack throughout just gave it a more emotional drama, thick induced reality. Each situation takes place as the truth of Ethan's past and his ordeal come out.

What I loved about this movie the most is the film is a jigsaw puzzle, literally. The film is spliced and pieced together from beginning to end, it's all jumbled up and one by one you have to find that piece of the puzzle that fits and put it into place to create the whole picture.

Truly a one-of-a-kind film that stands out above and beyond a lot of independent films. I don't really look at this as much of a science-fiction movie as I look at it as a drama. I was thoroughly entertained by this movie. 

I loved the reality of the outcome of it. The acting was extraordinary. The music was phenomenal and the direction made the movie come together and edited in a way that truly leaves the viewer stunned, confused, wanting to know the whole story. When the last moment happens you say, oh okay.

Thick mystery, thick drama, thick chemistry. A thick believable, down to earth story that leaves a lasting mark in the mind of the watcher.

I highly recommend this film. It will make its mark on your memories, so that you will never loose it.