The Aura (2005)

Starring: Ricardo Darín, Dolores Fonzi, Alejandro Awada, Pablo Cedrón, Jorge D'Elia, Manuel Rodal, Rafael Castejón, Walter Reyno, Nahuel Pérez Biscayart

Plot: A shy taxidermist who secretly dreams of executing the perfect robbery stumbles upon an opportunity. Caught up in a world of complexities and frightening violence, his lack of experience puts him in real danger.

My Review and Thoughts:

The Aura is a flawless modern-day crime thriller brought out in 2005. It's an Argentine psychological thriller, neo-noir film directed and written by Fabián Bielinsky. And boy does he do a wonderful job creating a thick story and filming a beautiful and haunting suspense crime story.

This is how you create a thriller. This is how you create a crime, this is what psychological filmmaking is all about. This brings out the emotions and most of all it grabs a hold of the tension inside the viewer and brings them full force into the story.

Pure thick suspense, truly an awesome tale. I love a good thriller and specifically when it contains shadowy moments of mystery to unravel.

Brilliantly, brilliantly acted by some fantastic amazing one-of-a-kind, award worthy actors. 

I really loved this film. Truly a remarkable movie that mixes drama with suspense and mystery and gives it a whodunit feel.

The beauty of this film is it plays out in a reality setting, yet mixes the reality with the Neo-noir and then mixes thick with the overshadows of suspense that keeps the viewer glued.

The amazing part of the film is your main character Esteban who is your main star played by Ricardo Darin, he grabs a hold of the viewer right off the bat as you experience from a first person point of view the whole story.

Ricardo Darin is a true acting god, he had me believing everything. He is an extraordinary actor.

I also want to mention two other actors that are in this movie that act their parts perfect, even though it is short moments and they are not in it that much, but the parts they are in are flawlessly performed for the viewer and the movie.

Dolores Fonzi plays Diana Dietrich. Dolores is an amazing beautiful and stunning actress that gives it her all as the young wife who seems locked in a relationship in the middle of nowhere.

Next would have to be The Dog. Yes not a human, a dog. For animals are wonderful actors. The Dog is played by Eva. She is a beautiful animal, a beautiful dog. She makes you believe her part, her stance with her master and the ordeal that's taking place.

What is so original about this movie and so personal and drama filled is that your main character is an average person. Your main character is a taxidermist who seems to be down in his luck, who is just a basic person struggling with life and money, relationship problems. 

He comes upon what he thinks is a perfect plan, a perfect crime. He has a Photogenic memory, but he also suffers because he's epileptic, he has seizures at moments that are critical.

This movie is filled with twist and turns. Moments you don't expect. Moments that are shocking when they do happen. This is just a perfect crime drama, thriller, mystery, suspense filled with the human side. A reality-based ordeal that the viewer can relate to. It becomes a situation that's possible. A situation that in the dire circumstances we probably all could become a part of.

Highly recommend this movie. This is a perfect crime thriller that everyone who is a cinema buff should see.