Top Films 2013.

The Year of 2013 in Films:

First things first I vote on movies that can be seen by the public. I don't vote on films that only a hand full of people can see because of screeners. True film choices are made if the public can see the movie. If a movie is made in 2013 but does not get a wide release until 2014 then that film will be voted for in 2014 because it will be seen by the masses and therefore are eligible.

This year was hard for A bucket of corn to choose their top 10 films of the year. There was many wonderful Oscar worthy spectacular films to grace the cinema but there were those few movies that never get the credit they deserve. That never get the push they deserve because they don't have high budgets or famous people, or the push of Hollywood or the glitz and glamour of the red carpet type persona. 

When I go into a movie, I don't go into the movie expecting it to be an Oscar worthy picture. I go into it to be entertained, to be struck with something thought-provoking or sometimes just a feature for senseless eye candy.

All movies don't have to be put out by Hollywood or the elite makers of cinema, for movies are movies. 

My list consist of movies with high-class of the screen, starring some bigwigs. There is some lower class Cinema starring some bigwigs that never got the push and there are those that nobody's ever heard of. 

To be a true movie reviewer you have to adventure outside of just Hollywood cinema or the big budget set up, for there are countless movies that never make it to the big screen, that never get the Hollywood push. Their are films that come direct to video. Their are films that go through the indie theater market. There are films showcased publicly that fight and struggle to be seen. There are foreign films.

Lately movie reviewers, especially reviewers that have their own blogs, video blogs and Facebook blogging about films, believe that all they have to do to be a movie reviewer is to review just American films. Trust me, America is not the only one that makes movies. America is not the only one that can create something brilliant (sadly so many think that). 

A little advice for all those that wish to make a career of writing reviews for movies. Open your mind, because all the great reviewers, all the reviewers that have became something in cinema history are people that look outside the box. They are film historians that seek out all cinema. You have to seek out all cinema to thoroughly understand the film industry.

So without further a-do, my top ten film's that I feel created something new and fresh and entertaining.

My List goes as Follows:

My Personal 10 Best Films

My Personal 8 Film Choices for The Oscars

My Personal 10 Honorable Mentions

My Personal 5 Choices that Came out but not Mainstream 

My Personal Choice of Best TV MINI-series 2013

My Personal Choice of Best TV Series of 2013

And with out further ado, let's begin:


My Personal 10 Best Films of 2013:

10. The Last Days on Mars

9. Stoker

8. Scenic Route

7. Blue is the Warmest Color

6. Mud

Made in 2012 but did not get a wide release until 2013.

5. The Conjuring

4. Prisoners

3. Who Needs Enemies

2. Gravity


My Personal Top 8 Oscar Films:

The Winner of Best Picture:

In the order I think who should win:

1. American Hustle

2. 12 Years a Slave

3. Gravity

4. Saving Mr. Banks

5. Out of the Furnace

6. Nebraska

7. Her

8. August: Osage County


My Personal Honorable 10 Mentions:

10. Beautiful Creatures

Released in 2013 can be bought on DVD.

9. Dark Skies

Made in 2012 but was not released until Feb. 2013

8. 21st Century Serial Killer

Came out in 2013, saw by Screener but can be bought on DVD.

7. VHS 2

Brought out in 2013 and can be bought and viewed on Netflix

6. Parkland

This can be bought on DVD.

5. Implanted

Made in 2013, Seen by screener. Released in theater Dec. 6, 2013

4. David Morlet's Home Sweet Home

Can be bought and also is on Netflix. Made in 2013

3. The Iceman

Made in 2012 screened in US in 2013.

2. Pacific Rim

Released in 2013 can be bought on DVD

1. God Only Forgives

Made in 2013. Can be bought and seen on Netflix and TV.

My Review for God Only Forgives


My 5 Choices of Movies Made in 2012 but did not get a mainstream theater viewing, or the ability to be seen on DVD 
until 2013 or still waiting national release for 2014.

5. Sick Boy

Can be bought on DVD at Walmart and many other places, truly an awesome indie created zombie flick. Seen in festival.

4. Dead Weight

Made 2012, festival 2013, I saw on screener, DVD release Jan. 2014.

3. Antiviral

Released May 2012, US. in Nov. 2012, saw in theater, DVD release 2013. Also can be seen on Netflix.

2. Quite a Conundrum 

Made 2012, 2013 Festival market,
Seen by screener, will get wide DVD release 2014.

2013 Festival run, can be bought on limited special edition DVD. A true must own powerful gory twisted and one of the best modern horror films.

My Choice of Top MINI-Series of 2013

1. Top of the Lake


My Choice of Best Television Series of 2013

1. Hannibal


My Personal 10 Documentaries of 2013

10. Heroin King

My Review for Heroin King

9. Cannibal Possession

8. I am Divine

7. TWA Flight 800

6. Salinger

5. Bridegroom

4. Dirty Wars

3. We Steal Secrets

My Review for We Steal Secrets

2. Black Fish

1. An Unreal Dream


There we go my choices for the year.