Who Needs Enemies (2013)

Plot: When local London gangster and ex-boxer Tom Sheridan agrees to hire his strip club out to lifelong friend and colleague Ian Levine he soon discovers the private party involves something so atrocious and unspeakable that it sparks a bloody feud between the two old friends and their foot soldiers in a story of morality, loyalty and betrayal.

Starring: Michael McKell, Ian Pirie, Emma Barton, Kris Johnson.

My Review and Thoughts:

Human trafficking, sex crimes, pedophilia, these have always been a controversial subject. The idea of child sex slaves is a disgusting reality. A very vivid depiction that none of us want to think about.

Sadly this is a subject and a reality that happens every day, every hour, every moment, for its right next to us and we don't even know it. It's in our neighborhoods, in our town, in our state and in our country, it's all around the world.

Are you ready for three words? I'm about to describe this movie in three words: Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant. This is a controversial film that displays what is moral. It's a film that showcases a disgusting subject. A disgusting reality of sex trafficking, human trafficking. It plays it out in a thought provoking reality-based scenario. Truly unbelievable when the friends you think you know ends up becoming the monster.

There's something about British crime films, thick films that delve into a gritty crime drama, mixed with ultra-hard-core violence, twisted around a shocking subject matter that just grabs me and entertains me. This film has it all.

This is a solid film even though it had a low budget it created something that should stand out with viewers. It's something that I'll come back to over and over again because it tells a well-crafted story. Acted wonderfully and plays out the suspense thriller that has a memorable image to it, a dirty image, a nasty image, a perfectly graphic image.

This is a must see independent film, one that grabs you with its cinematography. Its amazing camera work and music soundtrack, but most of all the story and the brilliant direction.

Violence, revenge, dark humor and most of all an amazing written piece.

It's a twisted spiral story, you see it from beginning, the middle, to the end, and it’s a film that comes together in a riddle setting. It flashes in pieces. Flash backs to the moment happening and then incidents you have witnessed already.


Kris Johnson gives a twisted acting performance as Chris, the head gangster stooge. He mixes violent actions with black comedy moments. Twisted humor inside violent moments. His performance deserves an award, many awards. He was a twisted sadistic character that brilliantly performs on screen. I was floored with the reality of his character. He truly was a sadistic monster in this film and he acted it out in a brilliantly flawless way. I feel his performance was a perfect masterpiece persona. I cannot speak enough about his character, about his performance, he made the bad guy a total reality.

Ian Pirie played the somewhat hero and the one with the rational morality in that he would not turn the cheek and ignore the horrors that was happening. He captured his performance perfectly.

Michael McKell is a sick twisted soul in this film. He is perfect in the role of Ian and he always has been a flawlessly gifted talent in anything he does. He plays the part of Ian to a golden degree. He is one character I will remember as being immoral and truly a tragic disturbing soul. His character reminds me of Denzel Washington in Training Day.

Tom Carey and Victoria Donovan and Emma Barton played there parts as believable victims. They gave great drama induced moments of personality and pieces of humanity to the story.

The movie comes together like a book. It's displayed in chapters giving it a truly memorable reality.

I will remember this movie because it's golden, it's like taking Goodfellas and mixing it with Pulp Fiction. This is a hard-core gritty crime thriller drama, mixing dark comedy in it.  I laughed at times and it almost made me feel a little dirty, laughing at the subject matter of certain situations. The way it was performed it was done in that dark comedy way where you really shouldn't be laughing because of what's taking place. The way it was acted out, the way the script flowed made the viewer want to giggle at spots.

I will tell you one thing I don't think I've heard the word F***K and the word C**T as many times as this movie vocally displays them. On a side note in a humorous way there is a bonus featurette on the DVD that displays every bad word spoken in it in a little collage of scenes.

Now I have to give a huge shout out to the director Peter Stylianou. He not only is the Director, but also Production Designer, Art Director, Visual Effects, Writer, Editor, Special Effects, Sound Department, Camera and Electrical Department. Can you say that three times fast? He does just about everything on this movie. His writing talent, his imagination to tell a dark, gritty, humorous at times thick, violent, disturbing, drama based story is amazing. This is his first movie, he's directed other short films, but this is his first film and it blows my mind that he put so much into his first film creating something truly flawless in my viewpoint. This is one badass film and I say that with the biggest grin on my face because I loved it.

Awesome amazing thick crime reality characters. Gangster slick suits, swarthy approach. That classic gangsta image of richness and intimidation of power.

I highly recommend this film. I highly recommend it to anyone that loves crime stories, crime fiction, crime reality, anyone that loves gangster films, and anyone that loves gritty British crime thrillers. This is the one to see. This is one of my new favorite films.