Beyond the Black Rainbow (2011)

Starring: Michael Rogers, Eva Allan, Scott Hylands, Marilyn Norry, Rondel Reynoldson

Plot: Despite being under heavy sedation, Elena tries to make her way out of Arboria, a secluded, quasi-futuristic commune.

My Review and Thoughts:

Beyond the Black Rainbow was brought out in 2010 and is a truly original and visually powerful Canadian science fiction film. This one of a kind twisted experience is written and directed by Panos Cosmatos, which is his first movie and wow what an imagination.

So in the 1960s, Dr. Arboria creates and opens the Arboria Institute, a New Age facility that researches science and spirituality, trying to take humans into a new age awakening of happiness. Skip to the 1980's and Dr. Barry Nyle has taken over, which he use to work for Arboria.

Now what's different about Barry is he seems to be a charming well stable doctor but what he really is, is a psychopath who is keeping a young teenage girl prisoner. This young teenage girl has psychic abilities. Barry has the means to control her powers through a glowing prism device.

This is a spacey, trippy, almost like smoking weed or dropping acid, delusions, very artistically sound through the visuals and music and special-effects, noises, soft tone and emotionless reality through talk.

You know how the final moments in 2001 A Space Odyssey is. The brilliant masterpiece that it is. That whole weird reality with the baby and lying in bed as an old man, those freaky moments that no one really understands. All those moments is like what this whole movie is like. It's that creepy state with glowing lights, red and blue fluorescents after another.

The visual style rapes your senses and gives an altered state of consciousness. There is a blue hue and a night time visual cinematography that truly plays with the viewer. There's a beauty of the movie Suspiria and most of all Stanley Kubrick bleeds from this movie. This is a film that not only takes the viewer on a trip of extraordinary means but also unravels a sadistic plot. It unravels a sadistic doctor-patient reality, a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde mentality.

I was thoroughly floored with the creepy state and the artistic beauty. The visual effects, the mind-numbing music soundtrack is truly an extraordinary and interesting jigsaw puzzle and it maps out the science fiction religious state of thinking.

Truly a new age mind trip. It's an artistically beautiful film and yet also haunting at the same time. It's confusing, it's stressful, and it’s something that bleeds originality, something that plays along with the classics such as: Enter the Void by Gasper Noe or even better yet going back to the 70's with the masterpiece Solaris by Andrei Tarkovsky.

This displays on the themes of control. It uses mechanical type devices to alter and in prison and control actions and emotions and altering one's ability. The idea that a religious setting can control the mind and alter society and human consciousness. Barry is the one calling the shots creating his own control mechanisms to alter and manipulate Elena's psychic powers.

I skipped over this movie countless times not really thinking about it. I've had it in my Netflix list for a long time. It's truly a shame that I waited so long to view this twisted artistic visually stunning, disturbing and brilliantly created altered state of reality.

On a comical note this is probably a Scientologist wet dream. This probably gives Tom Cruise wood.

Artistically brilliant and crafted in a unique way. It's like watching a piece of art unfold on screen or entering the very recesses of the mind. Taking a slippery slide trip into the electric impulses of the brain itself.

The viewer walks down what seems like the creepy state of illusions, mixing with reality.

A very visual trip into the dark recesses of classic cinema of the 70's and 80's

Let's all open the third eye and go on a space trip into the vagina of space, time and the very existence of life.

This is a mind bending journey of clarity of the other side of thinking. An open mind punching through the closed box of rationality.

Very few films tend to stay with you and let's just say every bit of this film, every moment, and every minute of this film stays with you because it's something that has not been done before through a whole feature film.

Truly psychedelic and massively intoxicating. You cannot turn away, it's just one of those films you want to watch, just to see where it leads.

Michael Rogers Who is your main actor and character Dr. Barry gives a truly stunning performance as a sadistic doctor and an emotionally disturbed man on the brink of collapse. A brilliant believable performance.

Truly a stylish piece of cinema art. Freaky eerie and perfectly awesome. This is not for everyone, many won't get this, many won't even try to get through it, but if you love the art and visual clarity of the making of cinema then this is truly entering. This movie uses the lens of the camera and puts the makeup of imagination on screen. The perfect trip of the mind on cinema. A nightmare dream state.

Panos Cosmatos gave it his all. His heart and imagination flowed throughout this film. He directed and wrote and crafted a chilling piece of cinema that I will not forget. I have become an instant fan of his and this movie is an instant success inside my Cinema world.

Panos Cosmatos said:

"The whole thing was put together in a stream-of-consciousness way. I was dealing with the grief and regret of losing my parents in some strange, abstracted way. I was also looking at the '80s and what happened to the baby-boomer generation, and its connection to the '60s, because there is a connection there."

My final thought: I have just been raped in the mind. This movie is an acid trip. Good lord what an artistic brilliant mind screw. I loved every wild over the top twisted moment displayed. Brilliant and truly a one of a kind original and amazing tour-de-force of a film.