The Silence (2010)

Plot: When Sinikka goes missing from the same spot where another girl was killed 23 years earlier, investigators work to unravel the mystery.

Starring: Ulrich Thomson, Wotan Wilke Mohring, Sebastian Blomberg.

My Review and Thoughts: 

Here we go down that road of a suspense thriller again, thick with a wonderful mystery that keeps the viewer guessing on just what is the ultimate truth and reality. This is a stylistic film. It's a film that plays with the viewers mind making them guess, making them fathom, making them contemplate just what is the truth. It makes you ask "How will the mystery unravel"? It has all the landmarks of a crime drama that holds the viewer until the final showdown.

To start with, two men, July 8, 1986. This movie does not hold anything back, not even four minutes in and you have a brutal scenario and a disturbing display on screen that makes you realize just what you're getting into.

The idea of pedophilia. The idea of child rape, the idea of human monsters and they're disgusting reality. I think what's so shocking about this film is you automatically know who the bad guys are. You automatically know what the incident is, because it displays it and you see what happens in 1986.

A young girl 11 years old, named Pia is raped and murdered. You then flash forward to 23 years later. You're introduced to a young girl named Sinikka, a rebellious little girl. Also you are introduced to Elena the mother of Pia. Also you get a Detective named David who just lost his wife to cancer.

David is introduced to the cold case of Pia, by the former investigator Kirschan. Soon on the anniversary of the 23 year old murder Sinikka goes missing. Her bike and gym bag and bloody rock is found in the same spot as Pia's bike was. 

This is a crime thriller that sticks with the viewer long after it's over. The performances are brilliant, the dialogue is stunning, the emotional reality and the horrible shocking nature of the subject matter does play with you at times. 

There's truly an unsettling moment that gets the viewer uneasy and makes them feel a little uncomfortable when, pedophile befriends the other pedophile on the bench in the park watching young children playing in water. 

This is a masterly crafted drama thriller suspense mystery and truly a shocking and disturbing film at times for the viewer. The ending of this film blew me away. I was dumbfounded. Totally floored. Amazingly filmed. Amazingly shocking. Amazingly put together for the viewer at hand. 

I really enjoyed this movie. It's a film that can cause some uproar and controversy after viewing it. Truly a movie I will not forget. This was filmed in a way that we all can relate to a way that is so true in today's society. Criminals hunting and slaughtering children for their quick gratification. 

This film touches the nerves and the emotions of the viewer acting in this. The acting is extraordinary. You can feel the parents heart ache. You could feel the frustration and the hungering for an outcome, for an answer. I feel this plays out in a dark gritty crime thriller way. Right up front you know the bad guys.  Right up front you know the ordeal, but what follows after that is what holds the viewer to the film.

One of your main characters is played by Wotan Wilke Mohring, he plays the character of Timo. This performance is so striking, it got into my mind. He is a gifted talented actor and what he showcased on film and on screen that flowed to the viewer is utterly amazing. His performance is believable and you could feel his pain and suffering in a deep, dark, nasty thoughts, you could see him suffering, you could see that he wished to do the right; truly a brutal performance.

Next I have to say Sebastian Blomberg played the character of David the burnt out suffering husband to a dead wife of cancer, frustrated with the case, trying to find the killer, trying to rite something in his life. His present state showcases anger, frustration a boiling over point. He wishes for his past to change, yet the future and present is feeling lost because of it.

And last but not least would have to be Ulrich Thomson who plays Peer. Truly gives a new explanation of closeted monster, boogie man under the bed. He truly gave an extraordinary performance, tame, yet oh so brutal for the viewer.

Directed stunningly by Baran bo Odar. Baran captured a flawless film in my book. This film is something that you can latch onto because it has an everyday reality feel of society. It is a film that probably will be not watched often because it is tragically brutal.

I highly recommend this for the thriller crime drama. It's a must see, must watch, must be talked about and spread the word about a truly frightening yet believable, down to earth film.  I feel everyone should see this for the performances; it's shocking and it should be seen for its relatable,  reality-based feel.