Days of the Dead: Atlanta

Arrived a little after 12:30pm on Friday Feb. 7th. at the wonderful beautiful Sheraton hotel in downtown Atlanta Georgia. It was about a four hour drive from where I live.

Place was already starting to get busy. Saw Ken Foree chilling outside. 

Saw Roy Woohley from Syfy's Faceoff unloading his props. Then came a huge shock for me I had to take a second glance, Tara Reid passed by me in the lobby. My god does she look bad. She has to have something wrong, on drugs or anorexic or something. She looks like death warmed over. She weighs maybe 90 pounds if wet. Truly disturbing.

Days of the Dead did not open until 4 so decided to check into my room and relax a little. Got my A Bucket if Corn shirt ready, my business cards ready.

Opening, first thing, we'll, besides seeing some awesome costumed people was to find my brother and the Quite a Conundrum table. 

That's my brother the director of Quite a Conundrum and two of the stars Chris Greene and Sasha Ramos. Quite a Conundrum will make its world wide debut in August of 2014, you will be able to buy the DVD in Walmart, Target and just about anywhere. 

So my brother's table is located right in front of one of my all time film goddesses, the one and only master talented show biz wonder, Dee Wallace. I was floored, I love this woman.

Had to get her autograph. She was so down to earth, beautiful and stunning. I told her that the scene where her character Donna and Tad where in the car in Cujo, has never been matched to date. It is one of the most believable and frightening reality based fear, ever filmed on screen. I loved her response. She stated Stephen King always says that and agrees 100 percent with what I just said.

Next after introduction with Sasha Remos and Chris stars of Quite a Cunundrum I went autograph searching. Next up was the ever weird odd horror and scifi icon Sid Haig.

Boy is he getting old. I mean he is 74 years old. He can't even hardly stand anymore and you have to sit if you want a picture. It was a great honor meeting him. He is a true movie icon starring in two of my favorite films House of a 1000 Corpses and The Devils Rejects. 

Next was Bill Moseley the true horror movie icon and also Ken Foree and Chris Surrandon.

Bill didn't have much to say and seemed kind of standoffish but still shook my hand and thanked me. He just didn't seem like he wanted to be there.

Ken the man himself was polite and shook my hand. Boy he is one tall man and very intimidating.

Chris the main man himself who will always be one of the greatest vampires ever acted on screen came next in my adventure. Can't believe he is 71 years old. He didn't seem to be to interested in being there but still was polite and autographed one of his most iconic characters Jerry Dandridge.

Autographs from John Dugan aka Grandpa from Texas Chainsaw.

Next was two awesome original art prints created by the image of Grandpa. 11by17's

Both autographed by Grandpa and the artist just stunningly amazing art prints.

My brother posed with John Dugan aka Grandpa.

Next truly awesome art prints that was autographed by the artist, both 11 by 17's. Tracy Lupton. 

He is truly talented.

Next was Jeff Burr writer and director. Director of Leatherface Texas Chainsaw Masscre 3, Pumpkinhead 2, and many others. He signed and autographed Pumpkinhead 2 script.

Next would have to be my DVD finds. If you know me that's one thing I always go after here is my gold I found:

Next would be all the wild amazing costumed people running around. I was late doing this. I missed this awesome Michael Myers, he was the best I had ever seen and possibly the best since the movie he looked right on and I am bummed I didn't get the picture.

Whole weekend was a great time, it was fun, a wonderful three days of great entertainment, of great costumes, of great characters, just truly a trip into an amazing culture for the love of horror cinema.

My brother, his girlfriend and I. The mask was bought for me by Roni, Tommy's girlfriend, it's not just a regular hockey mask, its hand made and one of a kind, autographed by the artist

There will be a part two to this blog entry. The second part will be about my meeting with Meg Foster, talking to her and the wonderful 30 minute  conversation we had.

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To Be Contiued .......