Meeting Meg Foster

Meeting with Meg Foster was the ultimate highlight to my Days of the Dead trip to Atlanta Feb 7-9th. She is a stunningly amazing flawless actress that is down to earth and truly loves her fans. She took 35 minutes of her time and sit talking with me about her films and her cinema experiences. This was a truly top-notch moment in my life. 35 minutes talking with a wonderful actress, staring at her beautiful pale ice blue eyes and her educating me on her personal beliefs and love of cinema.

She told me she doesn't watch any of her movies, she thinks it's weird and odd seeing herself on screen. The only movie she has ever watched from beginning to end that she has starred in was the Lords of Salem.

She went on to tell me that she traveled with Dee Wallace overseas for Dee was awarded a lifetime achievement award in cinema and they showed at a midnight screening Lords of Salem and she was thoroughly shocked, dumbfounded and amazed and truly frightened at the whole visionary concept of Rob Zombies talent. We got to talking and she and I agree that it's one of the greatest visionary living nightmare films for this generation.

She told me that she never got to see the finished product and never got to see what was going on when filming it. She just filmed her parts and that was how Rob Zombie filmed this movie, by pieces and then he put the film together.

She states that Rob Zombie is an extraordinarily talented and visionary director. I agreed 100% with her. She and I agreed that he has a talent that mixes the classical style of the 60s and the 70s, acid trippy type of a persona in his films. He does the twist of a cultural settings with deep intimate knowledge of classic Italian horror. The visionary talents of such film directors in an art-house setting like Bergman and Kubrick mixed with the masters of gore Fulci or Argento and stepping into the roots of Bava.

The whole conversation was wonderful. She stated her experience on Lords of Salem was possibly her most memorable and her favorite experiences with Rob Zombie and seeing the conclusion of the film really shocked her and amazed her.

She shook my hand, stood, hugged me, kissed me on the cheek which I will always remember. She took several pictures, she was an extraordinary woman and gave me something to remember I will never forget. The conversation with her will always remain because it was personal and not just sign my picture and that will be twenty bucks, it was so much more.

She gave me a hug, not a simple hug, not, I must because I spent 20 bucks. She gave me a warm hug, passionate embrace. Her hug was a love affair for her fans, for cinema. She gave me a passionate, wonderful feeling. I felt her heart. I felt her strength. I felt her beauty and a love for her fans and for the world of cinema.

There's one thing you can always tell going to a convention whether it's a horror convention or a comic book convention, you can always tell the ones that are truly there that enjoy what they're doing. There are those that spread their love for the fans (Dee Wallace, Meg Foster). Ones that showcase the beauty of what their fans want. Meg Foster is that passionate person, that wonderful soul.

I can't speak enough about my experience that I had with Mrs. Foster because she truly gave her all to me, her attention, my attention to her.

Believe it or not the first glimpse of her acting for me was on episodes of the TV series Barnaby Jones back in the very early 80's. I knew then I became a fan. My true love for her became noticeable playing the original Detective Chris Cagney in the 1980's Cagney and Lacey TV series, which sadly she was replaced and that was a true shame. I would then notice her pop up in many TV series throughout the 80's sparking my interest. I could sense a brilliant and thought-provoking actress in her persona as she gave it her all to the acting performances. She made you believe her. She made you think her acting parts where real.

The first movie I ever saw her in was where she played Holly, in the cult classic They Live. I never understood why Mrs. Foster never got the main stream push that she so deserves. She ended up in films that has become legendary in the cult movie world and fan base of horror and sci-fi and b-movies but sadly has never got what she deserves, a main stream Hollywood push. Her acting ability is better than half of the actresses in main stream Hollywood. Her performances are stunning and beautiful and truly gifted performances that leave a lasting impression.

I sought out every movie she has ever done, loving each one of them mainly because of her persona on screen, Leviathan, Relentless, Stepfather 2, The Emerald Forest, Masters of the Universe, to countless others, she is able to build her characters and create believable reality around each one of them and showcase the artistic beauty of her flawless acting.

My experience meeting with her will forever be a part of me. I am floored and stunned she took the time to talk to me as an equal. I felt her compassion and love affair with her acting and most of all her fans.

I enjoyed listening to her describe her experiences. I could sense and see that she truly honors ad respects her gift of performing in the acting world. From TV, motion Picture to stage acting she has given her all and so much more. She is an amazing actress that will always be loved by me and will always be remembered by me.

She described to me that movie goer's all have different tastes. Some love certain projects and others don't.

She talked to about how The Lords of Salem is a mixed review bag of movie goer's. Some will come right out and say they hate it and other's will praise it to her. Meg states it's her most fascinating film done.

Her and I see eye to eye on this nightmarish film. Many don't understand the underlining detail of the story. Heidi's character was about losing oneself. It's about the ultimate transcending into the depths of despair. We all in our life have been at some point, rock bottom, dealing with addictions or actions we are not proud of. Heidi is slowly losing herself to her past and the present has lead back into her truth.

Meg said the most thought provoking and scariest moment is when Heidi closes the door toward the end and says goodbye to Herman and Whitey. That moment she knew she was giving up or being lost forever. She could not take it anymore. She ultimately gave into her truth.

I will always remember Days of the Dead Atlanta of 2014. Meg Foster gave me a wonderful experience I will never forget. She strengthened my love affair with cinema. She gave me the heart and soul of my love affair with the movie world.

Mrs. Foster if your reading this, I love you and everything you do. Thank you for the amazing experience. YOU ARE A TRUE GODDESS.   

This was my second kiss. The first was a true real genuine kiss. This was a kiss for the camera. I loved them both.