Blackout (1985)

Starring: Kathleen Quinlan, David Carradine, Richard Widmark

Plot: A police officer suspects that a local husband and father who has recently undergone facial surgery because of injuries received in a car accident is in reality the same man who committed a quadruple murder several years before.

My Review and Thoughts:

A murder mystery. A thriller classic. A whodunit. Will they get away with it? Truly an overall thick thriller of suspense done in an 80's classic flare.

A cat and mouse game of murder. I love this movie. This is a forgotten little classic. A created gem of a murder mystery. An entire family slaughtered. A mother and her three kids murdered. A detective Joe Steiner senses all the fear and the brutality of the crimes.

The husband is sought and the game is a foot with murder most fowl and an unrelenting escapade for justice. But the case slowly turns with twists and unanswered questions.

This stars one of the greatest film actors of all time. A true iconic actor throughout his whole entire career Richard Widmark. He plays the detective in this seeking out justice for the slain family. His career expanded throughout many decades until his sad departure in life in 2008. He graced the screen with such classic films like 1950's Night in the City, 1951's The Frogmen, 1954's Garden of Evil, 1961's Judgment at Nuremberg, 1962's How the West was Won. Countless Westerns, countless crime films and I will always remember him in 1968's Madigan.

He shined in everything he did and he is wonderful in this part as the detective seeking out the truth of the crime that happened against a mother and her three children. Soon he finds the case harder to solve with many obstacles, twists and turns. What is happening? What is the truth? He seems to not be able to find the husband. He can't pinpoint the ultimate truth. Those around him joke with him but he finds it no joking matter and the case becomes frustrating.

This also stars the wonderful beautiful amazing goddess Kathleen Quinlan. From the classic American Graffiti to the awesome sci-fi Event Horizon and everything in-between and everything after, she is truly a gifted performer.

This also stars the one and only Michael Beck who will always be immortalized as Swan in 1979's The Warriors. He is an iconic actor in many cult films and many wonderful cult following B-movies.

This also stars in the main part, truly a gifted character actor that has graced Cinema and television throughout his many years of performing as a wonderful memorable actor in countless rolls none other than Keith Carradine. This generation will know him as Frank Lundy in Dexter the TV series. He has always been a high-quality performer and I have always felt that he was an underrated actor and never given the main roles he deserves.

A wonderful mixed bag, of a film. Mystery, suspense, a brutal story of crime, a car accident, a man with no memory, a detective seeking out to find that truth, to solve the riddle and the puzzle. Three years pass after the murder and the story still lingers. The Detective still holds true to all those involved in the case. The Detective is adamant in solving the case everyone wants answers to.

Very touchy subject for its time and still is today. The opening of the movie, a family with her dead children posed in celebrating a birthday. Quite shocking for a TV movie yet this plays out with the quality of a motion picture and not just being another TV film. This was made for HBO yet felt brilliant enough for the big screen.

Another six years pass and Joe is at his wits end, obsessed with the case, it's the case that got away. He is reverted to drinking, yet still adamant, still tracing, still trying to find the husband and also what happened.

This is a memorable film, one that deserves a Blu-ray special edition release. This truly is sad and tragic that this film has not gotten the treatment it deserves. It's one of those films that leave a lasting impression on the viewer, leaves a lasting ultimate story. A twisted tale of crime and brutality, woven around a great script that grabs the viewer and keeps them on the edge. This film keeps you guessing and keeps you wondering will it be solved.

Amazing how many writers that this movie had, David Ambrose, Richard Smith, Richard Parks, and Les Alexander. I guess maybe that's because it was such a good written script and it needed many wonderful minds to write.

A little bit of interesting info is the one scene of the battered dead child at the beginning of it, was actor Dameon Clarke who has graced movies and television cinema. He is a voice actor that will be known to American audiences in the American versions of many Japanese animated series mainly known by the voice character of Cell, in Dragon Ball Z. He also did other Dragon Ball Z characters such as South Kai, Bora, Tambourine, Popell.

This is a very intense, raw, suspenseful, psychological thriller for a TV film and that's why I feel it plays out like a regular movie on the big screen. This one deserves a modern day treatment so that this generation can enjoy it.

What's so great about the film is it start's as a crime thriller, mixes in the mystery and suspense but then becomes like an 80's slasher film which makes it all the more better. This has many genres woven into it. It's a must see.

There are Wonderful jump moments, wonderful moments that make the viewer remember old school slasher horror. A great example of a film that entertains and still shines to this day.