Deadly Revisions (2013)

Deadly Revisions (2013)

Starring: Bill Oberst, Jr., Mikhail Blokh, Cindy Merrill, Lise Hart, Ronny Coleman, Gregory Blair, Dawna Lee Heising, Shaun Gerardo, Joshua Patterson

Plot: Hypnotherapy and drugs are used to help an amnesiac horror writer, but are the terrifying images that surface real or imagined?

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a Mystery, horror, thriller, directed greatly and written with a smooth flow and most of all it's geared toward the horror fan. A nice independent low budget film with high quality and a story that leads the viewer down a haunting path.

This was written, directed by actor, writer, director Gregory Blair. Blair has a true visionary talent that is able to create a film with solid story and wonderful twists and turns. This is Blair's directorial debut. He did a great job in my viewpoint for a first time director. Blair has been an actor for many years and he also makes a cameo in this movie as Crawford Davis. Many people will recognize Blair as one of those, "oh that guy". He is a character actor and graces many films as a villain, scapegoat, party goer, zombie and all the other persona's as a character actor. He has also graced stage plays and now he adds under his belt the title of director.

I found myself really enjoying this slowburn film. It creates the story, builds the characters and most of all satisfies you in the end. I enjoy movies that express a story and takes time to focus on what is happening and to experience the overall emotions leading up to the disturbing twists and conclusion. That is what Deadly Revisions does.

This is a cool horror film that mixes all the wonderful scenarios of horror together. Clearly a love affair to the world of horror and to horror fans. This is something that I feel lovers of lower budget independent horror fans need to be see. A fun suspenseful thick story of horror and insanity. 

I am a huge fan and obsessed with the acting of Bill Oberst, Jr. He is truly a talented and gifted performer that shines and owns every part he acts in. He creates a persona to his characters that makes the viewer believe. He is awesome in this part. He owns the character Crafton Torn in this film. His persona glows off the screen. His character is brilliant through Bills flawless award worthy acting. He just grabs the viewer and never let's go and that's the beauty of his performance in this and all his roles. He is possibly one of the greatest underrated actors that exist.

After a tumble down the stairs Torn blacks out and ends up in a coma for two weeks. When awake he can't remember what happened. His struggles for his memory but it becomes a haunted reality. He struggles with his day to day life. His thoughts are clouded and his desire to know becomes his focus. Being a horror writer he now struggles with his stories. Through therapy he hopes to battle his lost memory. There's nothing worse then writers block, or is there.

Only a small few flaws. Pacing, could have been a little tighter of a film, chopped by 15 minutes, but with that said it plays out like a slow burn film. The only other flaw was a couple small stale acting moments, nothing major and really can be over looked because the movie is a fun ride into the psychological horror reality of an independent low budget nature.

What's really happening? What's the truth? What's happening to Torn? Those are the questions that this film will lead the viewer to seek out and search for. This horror film, twists and turns its mysterious ways on screen for the viewer.

A nice thick story of a true psychological reality as one man struggles to come to terms with his past, his forgotten memory and his writers block. Hatchets, nooses, demon dolls and deer's bring this priceless horror film to light.