The First Step (2014)

The First Steps (2014)

Starring: Payton Walker, Karla Shantz, Jo Anna Van Thuyne, 

Plot: Sara and her mom have just moved into a new old house and what should you expect from a new old house and it's creepy basement.

My Review and Thoughts:

Here is a wonderful seven minute spooky horror short directed and written by Kate McMeans and Daniel Brown. This plays out like an old ghost story, bedtime horror tale. I really enjoyed this. This is truly a classic short film for all horror movie fans. It's brilliantly woven and done in the classical creature under the bed or in the basement or in the darkness type of setting which makes me really enjoy it.

Your main character is Sarah who just happens to move in to a new house and as you can guess the house has a couple secrets. Sarah starts to understand those terrifying secrets as she spends her first night.

Brilliantly done. Fun. Truly a wonderful setting for horror fans and even non-horror fans. I really enjoyed this short which is presented by Wide Eyed Pictures.

Shining star and truly a gifted performer is Payton Walker who plays Sarah. She makes you believe her character, her situation and her ultimate fear. I loved her persona and her over all acting performance. 

The sound department actually is something to speak about and remember, they do a great haunting reality type of setting. Kudos to Kate McMeans and Kit Olsen.

Daniel Brown and Kate McMeans have collaborated many times together on many short films. Both of them are gifted and truly know what they are doing. I grew up with the books by Alvin Schwartz and his Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark type of books and this plays out like those wonderful hair raising and spine tingling realities. I felt this was a spooky fun little classic style trip.

It's possibly the best 7 minutes of my movie reviewing life.

I loved the Cellar Dweller which was freaking spooky and awesome, loved its reality. The tension and fear shines in this short. A great example of how to create a short horror film, old school style, loved it.

A perfect haunted horror trip of old school scare that lingers in your mind and raises the hair on the back of your neck.


Wide Eyed Pictures: