She: Their Love Story (2012)

She: Their Love Story (2012)

Starring: Penpak Sirikul, Ann Siriwan Baker, Apassaporn Saengthong, Kitchya Kaesuwan

Plot: She: Their Love Story is a tale of overcoming society’s repressive demands to be true to

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a powerful character driven film of passion and the very aspects of living life and experiencing the wonders of love and the up’s and downs of relationships and the exploration of living knowing that death is near. This film is a journey of emotions. A passionate film. A film that pulls at the heartstrings of the inner being. This gives the wonders of love and most of all this is a film that can leave a lasting impression of just how to make a thought provoking and reality based film. I loved the acting, direction but most of all the beautiful touching story that weaves itself in and out of the emotional makeup of the viewer.

Director Sarunya Noithai did a fantastic job at directing his actors and actresses in seeming as if reality was taking place on screen. The chemistry and overall performances rang with solid passion and a personal touch of life. I really enjoyed how the film came together and showcased a thought provoking and heart touching persona. It tells a story of love, life and passion and the freedom of the human soul and the very aspects of a life changing reality that effects the emotional makeup of the viewer watching.

The film is a touching drama but most of all a love story and coming to terms and dealing with the present and ultimately dealing with the coming reality of life and death and being your own person and doing what you wish for yourself and your happiness. Your main character Bua is a female who is successful and basically lives the perfect life or the life that one is expected to live. A changing reality to her perfect comes full force and changes the ultimate destination that she thought she had. A diagnosis of cancer. She wishes not to upset and bother or alter the lives of her loved ones and so she adventures off to live by herself. There, she comes across a female at total opposites of who she is or at least what she has been made to be by society.

The character of June is a perfect character. A passionate adventurous and very life oriented in the independent spirit of living. Bua and June become close and Bua awakens to a new reality and understanding and an adventure she could never believe was possible.

You are introduced to so many wonderful characters. Da who that had her reputation ruined by her, so called love of her life boyfriend, who she thought was perfect. To hide herself and take her mind off the reality of her boyfriend’s actions she soon is given an assignment to write an article on the life of Lesbians in Bangkok and ends up meeting Bee. Soon Da and Bee become intertwined and as all the characters in the film cross paths, and everyone finds a different journey of sexual exploration and a blossoming flower of passion and discovery of oneself.

The acting by all was extraordinary. I loved Penpak Sirikul. She graced the part of Bua wonderfully. She made you emotionally attached to her character. A flawless performance. Each of the performers did the same and that is why this film works in the thick drama, love and life reality of the story. I enjoyed this film in all its emotional reality. All the characters stand out and the direction and story and complete film leaves the viewer satisfied.

A brilliant Drama from Thailand. A thick driven story of perfect clarity in life and love and death.  

I highly recommend you view this film. It’s a deep character study that knows about the realities of life and the ultimate struggles of choices and finding oneself. This is distributed by Ariztical Entertainment, Inc you can find information on where to buy this film below and also more information on the film.