The Impossible (2012)

The Impossible (2012)

Starring: Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor, Tom Holland, Samuel Joslin, Oaklee Pendergast

Plot; The story of a tourist family in Thailand caught in the destruction and chaotic aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

My Review and Thoughts:

What a wonderful amazing heart touching and tragic reality of a film. An amazing story and truly the impossible. This is a tale that touches the heart strings and the idea of the human soul and creates the very emotions that make us human. I absolutely loved this film. The sad tragic horror that this natural disaster was, is so horrible to think about. Knowing that so many lost their lives is something that makes you look and question how fragile life is and how quick it can shatter. The peace and understanding of your life comes into play and most of all the will and passion to live, when something of this nature might happen.

This is extraordinarily directed and the special effects are utterly amazing. I have to say that the acting in this film is mind blowing. The adult actors are one thing but to experience the passion and reality of the child actors in this film, gives me, that ultimate passion and love, I have for cinema. They aced there parts and gave truly touching persona's that are captured on screen.

I was utterly floored and amazed and absolutely fell in love with Tom Holland's performance. This was his first major motion picture and I cannot say enough about this young man. What he created on screen gave me everything I want in a film. His acting was truly impossible, yet he held, created and showcased his art and master talent at making the viewer believe his ordeal and his ultimate love for his family. He bled the emotions and made the film shine.

All the performances I think where top notch. Ewan McGregor captured the loving father and you could feel his sense of dread, fear and pain through his acting. Samuel Joslin and Oaklee Pendergast where both shinning little stars that you could not help want to hug and protect. They gave it their all and aced there parts with loving emotions. Naomi Watts has become a true modern powerhouse performer and I feel this movie made her shine in so many ways. She made me cry so much and I could feel her love as a mother for her kids and her pain seemed so real. I find it shocking and amazing that the woman who I first saw in 1996's cheesy direct to video b-movie horror Children of the Corn 7 has blossomed into an actress that needs no introduction. She holds her own and makes the viewer become a part of her characters and the character of Maria in The Impossible is no different.

The whole cast is amazing. The love of family and the struggle to survive and the passion and gift of humanity to save and help others showcases itself in all its glorious detail in this film. I feel this is one of the great films that will stand the test of time and be as relevant as it is now, as it will be in the future. So many innocent people lost their lives but by the help and compassion of locals, many survived and their hearts, minds and souls are a part of true humanity. I feel this movie showcases there nature of love and understanding and respect of life and helping those when in need no matter how much was taken from them or the horror they faced, they still helped so many.

Directed, I feel in a flawless fashion by visionary talent Juan Antonio Bayona. He captures perfection and the heart strings of human life and the reality of family and loved ones and the passion that strangers give to those in need. He directed, one of my other favorite films of all time. Totally opposite of this film, the amazing horror film 2007's The Orphanage. He has a master talent at showcasing beauty and perfection and capturing the art of cinema making through visuals and emotions.

I love this movie and I highly recommend it. It's a new favorite of mine. I feel it's a flawless film of the will to live and the love of family and the humanity of those who care and help during a trying time.