The Maladjusted (2013)

The Maladjusted (2013)

Starring: George Katt, Michael Alban, John C. Bailey, Alexandra Turshen, Katie Foster, Clayton Stocker Myers

Plot: Three friends struggle to maintain their hedonistic lifestyles as they approach 30. Delving into their story, we become subjected to their inane theories, absurd philosophies and warped sense of humor.

My Review and Thoughts:

This is perfectly weaved together with comedy and just the right amount of drama that grabs the viewer and gives them a relatable piece of cinema. This funny film is something that people can relate to and become a part of the characters. The idea of growing older we all can understand. I feel that this leaves a lasting impression upon the viewer. I think the viewer can become a part of the characters and become a part of the reality that is weaved throughout the comedy which is absolutely hilarious.

This movie is able to create something that I feel is genuinely entertaining. I love that it's an independent film and it creates something that doesn't seem fake. The problem with so many comedies or specifically big budget Hollywood comedies is that they always seem so fake, where as in the indie world they express a relatable film. Maladjusted does the relatable reality of the characters in believable fashion.

It creates a perfectly received comedy that individuals can grab on to and relate to and most of all laugh. It's a perfect opportunity to experience a wonderful produced adult comedy that leaves the viewer satisfied. The chemistry between all of the actors is what makes the film shine so much. The characters truly become a part of the viewer’s experience.

Absolutely loved the character of Yon Zamolla. John C. Bailey is pure genius in this performance and made me laugh until I almost peed on myself. Clayton Myers is a performer that is able to create his character of Carl and hold the viewer to his persona through his brilliant acting on screen. Michael Alban is another performer that knows how to give his character of Ian a life and a relatable understanding for the viewer. I have to say the star George Katt as Robbie knows what he wants to do to a character and gives that character a life, understanding and a reality that everyone watching at one point in there life can relate to or known someone like him. That's the brilliance of each of the characters. I think we all know someone like Carl, Ian or Robbie and even some people might know someone like Yon.  

I think what is so successful about this film is that it never lets up on the comedy, it always makes you laugh. There's always something that makes you giggle and makes you fill with the urge to bust a lung by laughing so hard. I absolutely enjoyed it.

The character development throughout is flawless. That's the problem with a lot of movies this day and age is they don't develop the characters but I think the characters are weaved out throughout the story and I think the story itself is very relevant to a lot of persons growing older. I think it's a film that, yes creates a comical fashion but also with dramatic realities of life.

Wonderfully directed in a realistic fashion and down to earth way. The direction is what also creates its perfection along with its brilliant writing and brilliantly acted performances which makes it come together as something that needs to be seen and shared with others. Chris Kiros co-wrote and directed something that is so comical with a brilliant cast and an ultimate story that bleeds perfection in creating a wonderful film to experience. It’s an Indie film yet feels just like all the big wig films, yet Hollywood has such a hard time in creating the reality of characters that seem real. Maladjusted is able to capture that realism of characters through the performances and ultimately the chemistry and comedy that creates it.

I highly recommend this film. I praise it and something that should be seen and experienced for all its wonderful comedy, amazing direction, awesome chemistry of characters and it is a film that leaves a lasting mark. It's something that you want to return to. It’s something you want to experience over and over again. It's just one of those really good films that you can't help but enjoy.

Perfect laughs and a perfect cast of characters that become a part of you.