Happy Halloween: Top 10 Scream Queens

Top 10 Scream Queen of Horror Films

What I consider Scream Queen is someone who actually screams or is the victim against the bad thing hunting them down. Most online list of Scream Queens are just actors who play in a bunch of horror movies and never really scream. To me Scream Queen means real screaming and playing the victim.

Now the term Scream Queen can sometimes be used lightly or greatly. Sometimes certain actresses thrive in horror films or sometimes an actress might only be in one horror film that defines a scream queen and out do other actresses who make a living in the horror world.


The one and only Fay Wray and boy does she have a set of lungs. Plus she faced one of the greatest monster icons ever King Kong.


Heather O'Rourke. Powerful and yet sad at the same time. She would have been a starring legend, and yet she is. Her powerful little voice rang in fear as the ghost took over. A truly passionate actress and a perfect scarred and dread filled victim. She is a true scream queen.

8. TIE

Neve Campbell has brought forth and given birth to great character and victim in the Scream Series. She shines in any type of role in acting. I grew up watching her on Party of Five and it has been a treat seeing her in so many films.
Heather Langenkamp the thorn in Freddy's side. Always a wonderful scream queen that transcended the victim and ultimately became the warrior against Freddy's A pure goddess of a scream queen.


Danielle Harris another Halloween film franchise alumni and also horror scream queen of many films and is always a talented actress that truly knows how to let the vocals cords go.


Marilyn Burns The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. One film defined her ultimate fear and will of survival. She is crowned a perfect scream queen in one defining role.


Evelyn Ankers. The classic and truly gifted performer. The goddess of the classic Universal Horrors films from The Wolfman to the House of Frankenstein to The Mad Ghoul to the Son of Dracula and so much more. A legend, a beautiful goddess and a perfect scream queen.

4. TIE

Catriona MacColl is a goddess of horror and one of the ultimate scream queens. Starring in such amazing greats as Fulci's The Beyond, House by the Cemetery, City of the Living Dead, a true goddess scream queen.

Daria Nicolodi a true pioneering master of the art of Scream Queen, staring in some of the greatest films including Suspiria, Deep Red, Shock, Inferno, Tenebre, Opera she is a true icon and a one of a kind actress . 


Dee Wallace. A true talented, beautiful amazing actress that expresses the true talent and art form of acting. She has graced of the greatest horror films and let her voice and the lyrics of a Scream Queen paint the ears of all those watching.


Jamie Lee Curtis she has been in many horror films but there are the few that define scream queen the ultimate being Halloween and Halloween 2. Prom Night and Terror Train are prime example of her horror career but it will always be Halloween we will remember.


Janet Leigh How fitting mother and daughter together as pure scream queens. Janet Lee like her daughter Jamie is defined as a perfect example of scream queen. The Shower shot in Psycho is a moment that dug itself deep into the minds of it's viewers and created a moment of fear and dread and screams that gives the art the form of Scream Queen its true shinning reality.