My Straight Son (2013)

My Straight Son (2013)

Starring: Guillermo García, Ignacio Montes, Hilda Abrahamz, Carolina Torres, Alexander Da Silva, Sócrates Serrano, Elba Escobar

Plot: Diego, a successful Venezuelan fashion photographer, lives a glamorous life of excess with his partner Fabrizio, a prominent surgeon. Unfortunately, the shallowness of their day-to-day adventures is put into stark perspective after a sudden tragedy leaves Fabrizio in a coma. To make matters worse, Diego's estranged son Armando arrives from Spain for an unexpected visit. Bitter and full of insecurity, Armando has great trouble adjusting to his father's sexuality and the LGBT lifestyle. In the midst of great emotional turmoil, Diego must try to find common ground with his temperamental son and learn that family, friends and love are the real ingredients to a happy, fulfilling life.

My Review and Thoughts:

Wonderful and a passionate film which is thick with drama. This is a reality induced film of life. This is an eye-opening beautiful experience. Stunning solid script, acting and direction. Truly a gifted way of showcasing a film through its personal side and created a reality based setting of family dynamics.

A clear film. I loved the concept and reality to this film and the ultimate message it had and taught and brought forth. It was a clear film, what I mean by that is the storyline was so touching and filled with the passion of characters that it leaves such a huge mark on your mind and heart. It truly stands out in more ways than I can express in written form. It shinned because of the message and point and reality it was making.

Its films like this that I feel make a social statement and shine upon the viewer to want to express an emotional side while watching a film like this. I think every man or person should see this film and experience its ultimate message and deep reality that it brings forth. A gay father having to deal with his straight son who disapproves is something unique and very original. I loved the flow of the film but most of all it was the chemistry between Guillermo Garcia and Ignacio Montes. Both magically if you will played off each other in an eye opening fashion that bleeds the term masterpiece performances. Montes is stunningly crafted in the art form of acting. He owned his part as the son to the father he does not understand or accept. Passionate emotional performance that truly stands out. Garcia is equally the same as you get to know him and experience him as a character that comes to life through the top notch brilliant performance by Garcia.

This is directed and written by a thought provoking director Miguel Ferrari. He makes many points and truths in his film. This film showcases the many emotional realities with cultural beliefs but most of all the struggles of certain peoples. Miguel Ferrari is able to appeal to the inner side and core of struggle and passion and the ability to express true emotional reality on screen. This is his second feature film and he blew me away with the story and the craftsmanship of his ultimate vision through story and his direction.

An interesting thought provoking film with the beauty of struggle and coming to terms and also personal movement. It’s a film with a lasting understanding in the acting department. The characters come to life and create inside the viewer an understanding and an emotional journey. The movie does have a statement to make.

Canteen Outlaws which is Label through TLA Releasing brought this powerful film to DVD and gives it the treatment it deserves. For it is a film that truly touched me emotionally and gave such a statement on life and struggles and differences. I absolutely felt this film created everything a movie should be. The talent that Miguel Ferrari captured on screen clarifies my belief in film as an art. It shines in that reality of expressing a thought provoking experience as if a painted piece of a masterpiece came to life on screen. He won the best Feature Film Director Award at the Long Beach QFest. Also the film won the Best Iberoamerican Film at the Goya Awards and this film deserved every award and more.

This Spanish film is beautiful, haunting and comes together as a touching piece of drama that I feel all can relate to in one way or another. The superb acting and equally amazing direction gives the viewer a true movie experience that lingers long after it is over and also creates in the viewer a need to see it again and to return to this powerful story.

I enjoyed this film and its statements on truth. A magically artistic and an emotional journey of pure film perfection. This is how you experience a great story and experience all the chapters of life through different eyes. A wonderful film of lasting perfection.