The Gays (2014)

The Gays (2014)

Starring: Chris Tanner, Frank Holliday, Mike Russnak, Flip Jorgensen, Matthew Benjamin, Ethan Boivie, Eugene The Poogene, Roberto Larancuent, Jonny Con Carne, Robert Smith, Joshua Weigand, Nicholas Wilder, So Cheeky.

Plot: Wouldn't it be great if your parents taught you how to hold your own in a fag-eat-fag world? Rod Gay and Bob Gay-Paris are the streetwise gay mentors you never had. Come revel in the raunchy wisdom they pass along to their two gay sons -- Alex and Tommy -- advice that will empower the boys to bend the world over, lube it up, and snap one off!

My Review and Thoughts:

Now this film is a dark and I mean dark comedy. It weaves humor with vulgar sex talk and also becomes at times a disturbing reality in its ultimate frankness. There are moments that make the viewer say to their inner self “what the”? 

Absolutely hilarious. I swear this has to be one of the funniest and craziest films I have seen. A perfect laugh out good time. Raunchy and I mean raunchy but oh so sadistically perfect. The acting by all was so utterly campy and something to remember. The viewer can’t help but giggle and I laughed until what felt like my lungs had exploded or my ribs cracked. Simplistic yet twisted comedy and the whole idea was just plain raunchy and nasty fun. I don’t think I have laughed this much since my childhood days watching Monty Python. Silly humor. A perfect mix of dirty comedy, so over done its bleeds comical perfection.

Directed in a flawless almost old school family sitcom reality. Could not have been any better for the lover of dark campy comedy. This is like watching an episode of Kids in the Hall combined with a Saturday Night Live skit but all unrated, very unrated and for a set adult audience. It adds such a comical reality to the film that it’s something you can’t help but want to recommend and speak about, but the content is so dirty and unique you actually question yourself will the person I recommend it to, get it and see its, ultimate comical sarcastic statement and appeal. I love when a comedy just rains down with one laugh after the other. I like unapologetic comedy. The problem with a lot of comedy this day and age is they are always so afraid of who their going to upset and so the comedy is edited into a political correct way; which the reality of the political correct style has ultimately destroyed comedy. This is raunchy and dirty comedy that lingers on your mind and displays a humor that so much more than just basic comedy. 

It’s one of those comedy films you will return to and laugh all over again, that’s the beauty of this sarcastic vulgar comedy. So many comedy’s this day and age, once you see them, it's not the same when you see it over and over because it already has done what it needs to do, but The Gays is a comedy that will continue to make you laugh each time you see it.I have to pinpoint the male pregnancy which is something that truly needs to be seen to fully understand. This part was so disgusting yet so comically brilliant.

This film is not to be taken lightly, it is for grownups. There is nice, sexy, eye candy at times. Nudity of the full frontal reality, can someone say pork sausage. It has some very out there vulgar overtones that mixes with the images and the teaching reality that the parents showcase to their sons. You have been warned by me, about the reality of the film. It’s twisted in language and images and that’s what makes it pure original and amazingly, giggle filled fun. You quickly end up saying to yourself "oh my god did they just do that", or "am I really watching this?”

This film, yes is a comedy with very gut busting humor but it also strangely and wonderfully has a message behind it.

I loved Chris Tanner, he was fan-freaking-tastic in his performance as Bob Gay Paris. I just laughed and laughed until I was in tears. Tanner twisted the likes of Donna Reed, Pee Wee Herman and Detective Christine Cagney all into one. All the players acted out there campy corny roles to comical perfection and campy star quality performances. I loved the very sexy Mike Russnak as the main focus of the exploring gay son Alex, who tells his story. He was able to brilliantly act out the campy character. Russnak just aced the part in all its corny ways. This is his first feature film and I think he really owned the part and created something to remember. The other awesome player would be Frank Holliday who plays the gay father named in a funny way as Rod Gay. All the players created something very over the top and wild and unique and most of all memorable.

The direction by T.S. Slaughter who also wrote it, is great. It came off as a natural setting and yet in a very campy style that the viewer becomes a part of. Love the sets, costumes and filmed actions. Yes there was many pickles outside their jars. The writing is flawless. I can’t help but speak highly of the comical written dialogue by T.S. Slaughter. This is an over the top circus of colors and situations that weaves itself into a personal message. T.S. Slaughter took cotton candy and brought it to life in a screwed up episode of Leave it to Beaver, in this case, Leave it to Cock.

The why the movie is filmed comes off in many different fashions of film making. There is at times a documentary feel. There is a somewhat sitcom 80's feel of film and even at times an audience laughing at the jokes.

How the actors ever kept a straight face (no pun intended) I have no idea. I would have never been able to keep a straight face. I would have been busting a gut in laughter, while acting and filming.

Now the film believe it or not makes a statement. It showcases the stereotypical reality that people see gay people as or gay parents as. Just like African-Americans who are stereotyped in film and culture, gay people also are stereotyped. I think this was a bold statement in displaying this false reality of the characters. This film expresses the reality of what political or strict bible culture see as gay parents and what they feel are stereotypical gays and because they believe in this stereotypical gay reality, that the gays will pass it on to children if they raise them. Society is misinformed and this movie makes fun of that stereo type that has been created by culture.This film is controversial. Yes this is a comedy but there's an underlining meaningful message to the film.

This is an instant, and I mean an instant comedy cult modern day classic. A perfect wild midnight screening of laugh out campy perfection. I highly recommend.