Big Gay Love (2013)

Big Gay Love (2013)

Starring Jonathan Lisecki, Nicholas Brendon, Todd Stroik, Ken Takemoto, Drew Droege, Amy Hill, Jason Stuart, Ann Walker,

Plot: An overweight party planner meets the love of his life but is comically challenged by his own insecurity in the image conscious Los Angeles.

My Review and Thoughts:

A fantastic comedy and a wonderful mix of drama also.

TLA Releasing has brought this wonderful film out on DVD. TLA always knows how to give an outlet of wonderful films to the public and Big Gay Love is a perfect example of the art-form they spread to the community of film.

I found this film to be truly entertaining and very comical and in a sense beautiful in the concept of love. I think what makes this movie shine is not only the wonderful performances by everyone, but it’s the ultimate truth of the story. Love is not about color, shape or size. This showcases Bob. A young gay man living in L.A. He doesn’t have a boyfriend and thinks it’s his image that turns people away. Bob is not the smooth, ripped muscular body image that displays itself throughout the image obsessed Hollywood and gay and straight reality.

The problem with the gay and even straight community is the idea of image. Being gay is not about six pack abs, toned body and muscular form. So many in the gay community suffer right along with what young teenage girls suffer through, the identity of image. They strive to look like the model on the magazine and so the gay community also tries to push and bombard with image after image of slick, toned beautiful people. I am not saying it’s wrong to look like that, I am just saying there is a bigger community of gay people that look, average and live their lives’, not with green garden shakes and weights. I think that is the beautiful reality of this movie is Bob is your average person. Bob longs for a relationship. And when he finds one he thinks because of what he looks like, no one will have him and so he goes about trying to change himself, not for who he is, but for what other people say and push and cloud logic with the form of image. Basically put, his own reality and self-esteem built by the concept of what image has done to the reality of what is beautiful. He sees himself as not lovable.

A wonderful written and directed piece of cinema. Ringo Le created a picture that leaves a lasting impression and is a wonderful testament of logic and a drama induced beauty that gives the viewer an understanding and an ultimate love affair with all the characters.

I absolutely loved Jonathan Lisecki as the character Bob. He was wonderful and truly won Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket of perfection. I thought he was cute, and perfectly beautiful. He fit the part and crafted an excellent understanding and reality to the character. Also, absolutely loved Nicholas Brendon as Andy. Wonderful character. Both shined in these parts and created perfect chemistry together. I loved their relationship and it seemed real and truly something that makes you smile and gives you the sense of true love. Through both of their performances they made you understand and feel their characters and created personal personas that the viewer can't help but love.

The comedy was gut busting funny. The direction flowed with perfect ease. The performances shinned. I felt the whole movie worked in many ways and created a memorable piece of cinema.

I really enjoyed this movie and felt what it was trying to say. It gave a piece of logic, truth but most of all the concept of love and a great laugh out good time.