Nothing Bad Can Happen (2013)

Nothing Bad Can Happen (2013)

Starring: Julius Feldmeier, Sascha Alexander Gersak, Annika Kuhl, Swantje Kohlhof, Til-Niklas Theinert, Daniel Michel, Laura Lo Zito, Enno Hesse, Uwe Dag Berlin, Christian Bergmann, Torben Lohmann

Plot: Tore, a young lost soul involved with an underground Christian punk movement who falls in with a dysfunctional family curious to test his seemingly unwavering faith. After a chance encounter helping Benno, a stranded driver and managing to help start his car again in what appears to be a miracle, Tore is invited back to his home and becomes friendly with him, his wife and two kids. Before long, Tore moves in and gradually becomes part of his family. However, Benno can’t resist playing a cruel game, designed to challenge Tore’s beliefs. As his trials become more and more extreme, Tore finds his capacity for love and resilience pushed to its limits, and beyond.

My Review and Thoughts:

Intense, dark and truly a mind altering experience.

The music score and the jarring noises and intense sounds seem as if they crawl under your skin and give your mind a waking nightmare.

A thriller surrounded by a mental drama. A darkened state of religious belief, darkness and a horror inducing psychological trip.

The movie sends the viewer down a path that you never know where it's going. The feeling of the film is very tense and has a total sense of dread slowly building

Twisted, disturbing cinema. A masterpiece of emotions and deprivation. Floored on its dark brilliance. There has only been a hand full of times that a film has emotionally drained me. This makes another check on that list of emotionally draining cinema. I am still trying to get over this movie, it left me physically ill, and I literally mean that.

This is written by Katrin Gebbe. This is her first feature length film. It's a true unrelenting experience of tension both deep and dark. Truly a brutal debut that gives a shocking and numbing brutality. It's unique, original and something that leaves a bitter taste of emotions.

The acting is phenomenal. Julius Feldmeier gives truly an award worthy performance that creates inside the viewer watching an emotional tight rope that never lets up. Might I add this is Julius Feldmeier first feature? This being his first major starring role I am shocked at his acting excellence and what he gives inside this film is a reality and meaningful one of a kind ordeal like no other. His reality to the character, innocent, loving, childlike even in the face of such brutal actions is a spark of acting genius.

Disturbing is only a word until you have experienced this ultimate darkness and deprivation of humanity. Brutalization at its harshest. A movie that expressed evil of human nature. The animalistic darkness inside the very recesses of culture. The idea of evil at a true level is captured in this film. There are many films that shock and leave you dumbfounded and give an experience that leaves marks on the viewer, but very few films can express true insanity, true horror and the meaning of sadistic. Nothing Bad Can Happen is a film that makes you question what you just watched. It makes you angry. Its makes you saddened and depressed. It fills the emotional side with the feelings of torment and pain.

Sascha Alexander Gersak is an actor that expresses what a real monster is all about. He plays the character of Benno. Sadistic psychotic disturbing piece of shit. He made me hate his character. The way the story is written, the dialogue and actions and most of all the direction builds his character into something, that you utterly despise. He plays the part so dark that I wanted to face the character and brutally murder him and that is the brilliance of the character through flawless writing and most of all through amazing award worthy acting by truly a gifted performer. Gersak is what I would call a spark of perfection.

Also starring Swantje Kohlhof as the young abused mistreated daughter Sanny. Kohlhof does also a brilliant job in capturing the reality of a teenager locked in a world of darkness and abuse. She shines in her performance and makes you believe her ordeal and lets you experience another side of the darkness happening. I have to pinpoint Annika Kuhl who plays Astrid the mom. First a slow hidden character in the darkness, a somewhat prisoner of the ordeal but then like in a horrible fashion a Mommie Dearest emerges and weaves the darkness in her own hands. The whole cast aces each of their parts and crafts a mastery of an emotional roller coaster into a deep film that never lets up and leaves you so lost, haunted and in a sense emotionally disturbed.

Shockingly some of the aspects of this movie is based on a true story. Surprisingly the story in real life is more brutal. The film itself is brutal enough and I don't even want to think how much worse it was in real life.

Not an easy film to watch. This is a horror film of reality. This is a transcendent film. One of the darkest German films to ever bleed truth and reality in a way that will affect you in so many brutal ways.

I highly recommend it but I give a warning with it. It is something that will leave you bitter, angered, frustrated but most of all hollow as it ends.

A brutal masterpiece.

Where to Buy:

This has been brought out on Blu-ray/DVD. By a wonderful company Drafthouse Films. They have a visionary reality of giving “Provocative, visionary and artfully unusual films new and old from around the world.” Simply put they are masters at giving unique, passionate cinema an outlet to grace the film geeks of the world. They express the beauty of film and they bring a mastery of cinema to the movie loving masses.

You can get the Standard Version or the Deluxe Version which I am reviewing. It comes with many wonderful special features just to add to the brilliance of the release. You get amazing thought provoking Interviews with Director Katrin Gebbe, also interview with film producer Verena Grafe-Hoft and most of all the true highlight of the interviews, star Julian Feldmeier.

You also get a 20 page booklet with interviews. A digital Download of the film. And a one sheet poster. The standard version comes with all that but you don’t get the poster, both ways it’s a fantastic buy and a film that should be seen.