Olive Films DVD Release: Blackwoods (2001) / Sanctimony (2001)



Two wonderful DVD's brought out by the wonderful company Olive Films. A company that expresses the beauty of entertainment and gives outlets to often forgotten cinema.

Blackwoods (2001)

Starring: Patrick Muldoon, Michael Pare, Clint Howard

Plot: Tormented by memories of having caused a deadly car accident years earlier. Matt struggles to rebuild his life with his girlfriend Dawn but his tentative happiness is shattered when he is attacked by an ax wielding maniac in a secluded motel.

My Review and Thoughts:

First off I speak highly about the film DVD/Blu-Ray company Olive Films they give whole new appreciation to the world of cinema. These two releases Blackwoods and Sanctimony are forgotten little thrillers and thanks to Olive Films both now have nice respected DVD's for today's movie collectors.

Say what you will about writer, director and odd visionary Uwe Boll, but one thing is for sure, he loves cinema and no matter what he expresses, he does it his way.

The first feature and DVD review is for Blackwoods which is one of his older films before his Video Game Movies. I find his earlier work to be something of the old classic style of Drive-In cinema.

This 2001 drama, Blackwoods is a mystery thriller that brings out the class of suspense mixed with the reality of horror with flashbacks and a trip of guilt inside an ultimate hidden truth. An entertaining, solid movie in my viewpoint. It is the Direct to video style of reality as so many lower budget films graced the movie world back in the day. This reminds me of a 90's direct to video mystery film that has a story to tell and in all reality even with many of its flaws, mainly editing the movie still entertains and gives the viewer a solid tale, thick as a low budget Drive-In thriller.

This Stars some Drive-In cinema legends the one and only Michael Pare who has graced the entertainment world in many countless cult films. He is always a treat to see and Boll has used him in many of his features. Pare is an actor that I feel has never gotten the push he deserved in the main stream film world but as long as there are Direct to Video features he will shine and Boll has given him many outlets. He has starred in 14 of Bolls feature films. Also in Blackwoods is none other than B-Movie icon Clint Howard. Always a treat to see in anything.

Olive Films releases this with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 and an audio of 2.0 stereo. A lovely disc to own.

Our next feature film is Sanctimony and it also came out in the year 2001. This too was before Boll infamous claim to fame through his Video Game movie adaptions.

Sanctimony (2001)

Starring: Casper Van Dien, Michael Pare, Eric Roberts, Jennifer Rubin, Catherine Oxenberg

Plot: A serial killer known as The Money Maker is not satisfied with mutilating and murdering his victims and so he begins to taunt the authorities by involving himself as a witness. The detectives come closer to unmasking the culprit, the killer then grows even more demented.

My Review and Thoughts:

This is another old-school classic Boll. Murder, serial killing and a very violent thriller. Like Blackwoods it has the classic Direct to Video style. Lovers of action thrillers and films that display entertainment will be enthralled and satisfied with this cat and mouse serial killing thriller that entertained my inner lover Drive-In cinema. Boll gives like always simple popcorn entertainment and that's why it works.

Sanctimony comes in an Aspect Ratio of 2.35:1 with audio 2.0 Stereo. Like Blackwoods Olive Films brought this out on a nice transfer and clear audio. Both of these are the best I have ever seen them.

Both of these movies will have those who like them and the majority of the people that dislike it will be because Boll is behind it. It's a shame that people stereotype his films. It's a shame people put down the majority of his work. I see Boll as a modern day William Castle or Roger Corman. He gives at times simple, silly entertaining cinema and at others action packed, bloody or suspenseful. I feel he does the Direct to Video and B-Movie complete Justice in the modern sense of Drive-In cinema. I am a classic late night, cult, B-Grade lover of cinema that most overlook. Boll lovingly gives pure entertainment at its inner core to please in no matter how simple or deep it may be. Boll has his own reality and his own visionary being that I am personally fine with.

This is also another feature film starring Michael Pare but most of all starring an actor I have liked ever since seeing him in Starship Troopers Casper Van Dien. He like Pare I have felt has never gotten the push he has deserved. He aced his part in Sanctimony. Also starring the very beautiful Jennifer Rubin always a treat on the eyes. The whole cast works.

Like I say if you go into this with the idea of award worthy Academy award production or award worthy direction then you're going to be majorly letdown but if you go into to these with wanting simple popcorn entertainment then both of these films succeed in doing that. That's what these movies are about, to simply be entertained and both of them do that and that is all I ask for.

Special Features: Both come with a great introduction by the controversial directing legend himself Uwe Boll. Say what you will but to me it was worth just watching his introduction. I enjoy for some odd reason listening to the man. He's definitely a gifted artist in his own right and in his own little world and he creates as he sees fit. Both films have the introduction and each film adds to the Boll film legacy.

For fans and diehard collectors of Bolls films Olive Films has brilliantly given to the fans, two wonderful products that lovingly sits on my DVD shelf.

I was thoroughly entertained and absolutely satisfied with both DVD's that Olive Films released. The video introduction is amazing by Boll and the audio and visual is crisp and clear. Olive Films crafted there amazing mastery and brought out two forgotten pieces of cinema.


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