Forty Years From Yesterday 2013

Forty Years From Yesterday 2013

Starring: Bruce Graham, Suzette Graham, Matt Valdez, Rebekah Mott, Robert Eddington, Chelsea Word, Elizabeth Overton, Wyatt Eddington,  

Plot: Grief quietly reverberates through a family after a man discovers his wife of forty years has unexpectedly passed away.

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a thick moving drama that lingers inside the heartstrings and emotional makeup of the viewer. A wonderful acting drama that says something and gives a personal touch to the emotional side of life and the reality of losing a loved one.

A movie that anyone who has lost someone can relate to. It’s a personal movie that sheds light on the drama of life. The movie is something that I find unique and personal and a film that understands and knows the pains and drama of life. It’s an examination of emotions. A touching journey of thoughts, actions and love.

This is another film lovingly brought out on DVD by the one and only Brinkvision. A company that is filled with the mastery to bring out the art form of all types of cinema to the masses of movie fandom. Brinkvision is to me a company that understands and knows the quality of unique, one of a kind cinema. They are a company that has brought out some of my new favorite films that I have added to my list of must see films and Forty Years from Yesterday is a new one of them. Brinkvision like always aces the reality of bringing you something unique and wonderful to the reality of DVD. This was an official selection for the 2013 Los Angeles Film Festival and also Official Selection for Festival del Film Locarno.  

Your main character Bruce showcases through the wonderful, amazing acting by Bruce Graham, the love affair he had with his wife. A normal day, jogging, fast, high spirits and for his age, agile, as he jog’s his normal morning. As Bruce returns to his home, he finds his love, his wife, dead on the floor and soon, you the viewer experience the passion and just how much he loved her, with his ultimate decline. As the agile turns to the reality of being in a somewhat painful amble state. His heartache is great. You the viewer are then given flashbacks to Bruce’s relationship and life with his love.  

Directed by Robert Machoian and Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck. Machoian also wrote the film. Both directed a touching and moving drama that gives and sends the viewer on a wonderful tale of love and a journey of two lives. They give you a reality, and an experience of what it’s like to feel, and see, and know, that a loved one is dead. They give you the emotional reality of what we in life all have felt, on the passing of a loved one. They give you what it means and feels like. They are able to capture that reality. I think, what is so brilliant about the film, is its simple tone, simple set up, simple unique approach to the drama. They go about it in a minimal structure to the drama. They let you see and feel the emotions through the raw reality taking place. They don’t destroy it by going overboard like most modern Hollywood films due. They bleed realism into the film.

I also have to mention that this is Robert Machoian’s and Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck’s first directed full feature film. Both have worked on many shorts, documentaries and so on, but this is their debut as full time film directors. They aced it in my book. If this is any indication of what is to come, then watch out, for they are clearly at the top of their game.

The extraordinary camera work has to be mentioned. The feeling and emotions that Bruce feels is given to us in great detail through the lens of the camera. I love how there is little dialogue in the reality of Bruce’s understanding of his wife's death, and what he is feeling. His pain and suffering at his lose is captured in small yet huge actions, through his performance. Bruce Graham is amazing in this part and gives a passion of the art form of acting. He shines in the clarity of emotions. He is able to make the viewer feel his pain, and ultimate love throughout the film. Bruce Graham to me is what you call, an amazing actor. That term is often overused today, but this is one instance that it is true and deserves to be mentioned. This is where it gets shocking, because this is Bruce Graham’s first major feature film. I could not believe, that this, was his only film. He had acted, in a short film, but this is his only starring feature, which made my mind spin in shock. Why can’t there be more Bruce Graham’s in the world of acting.

Raw, real, emotional, passionate, intense, touching, tragic, affective, visually stunning and at times you feel as if you’re watching realism before you.

A film that I will remember and embrace many times to come. It’s a film I love and simply put should be seen, and watched for its passionate take on something we all can relate to, life, love and death.  

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