Short Film Showcase: Foxes (2011)

Foxes (2011)

Starring: Marie Ruane, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor

Plot: A young couple trapped in a remote estate of empty houses and shrieking foxes are beckoned from their isolation into a twilight world. A world of the paranormal or perhaps insanity.

My Review and Thoughts:


I think one of the hardest types of film making and story telling is short films. These have to consist of grabbing so much detail and story that the viewer has to understand and be satisfied in such a small period. To make a successful short film to me is a very hard accomplishment because I need detail and focus on a subject to really grasp the understanding of the piece. With that said I am a true fan of the medium and art form of short films. To me a true skilled director or artist is the one able to crunch the imagination of a films subject into a small space.

This is a short film running less than 16 minutes. It’s a unique and odd and twisted little tale of humankind transcending into animal form. A truly original film. Written by Garret Shanley and might I add he mastered the story in small form yet it felt upon a grand scale. A frightening reality unfolds as one house wife slowly seems to loose herself to the animalistic instincts of our primal evolutionary being. A suburb of houses are empty accept for Ellen and James. He a business man who leaves every morning for work, she a photographer who has no client's since moving to this isolated stretch of neighborhood. 

Directed flawlessly and very tight and dark natured by Lorcan Finnegan. Finnegan did a brilliant job in capturing such a thick plot in such a short time. I really loved this short film. The ending was freaky and the whole story came together in a creepy style that lingers in your mind when it is over. I felt the characters. Even though the film was short you got everything you needed. The characters where acted out in a way you got there personality and their present day reality. 

It’s won many awards including Winner of Best Short 2012 at the Irish Film & Televisions Awards. Also it won best international short at the Kaohsiung Film Festival Taiwan. Also won winner for best short Fiction/Experimental at 2012’s Clones Film Festival. 

Marie and Tom have wonderful chemistry together. It was short but created everything that needed to be said and showcased a very dark, memorable conclusion that just got under your skin as the credits rolled. Highly recommend this short film. You can watch online through Amazon Instant Video or other online Video formats.